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Yes Arthur Ashes tennis racket would be worth a bit of money , as he was the first black man to win the Wimbledon.

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basically a lot of money

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Not much. He died in 1993 and old tennis racquets aren't worth much since the modern ones are so much better.

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Q: How much money is Arthur Ashe tennis racket worth today?
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What element is in a tennis racket string?

Tennis racket strings today are made out of synthetic materials, such as:NylonPolyesterKelvarVectranZyexPolyolefinMetal Wire

How was the tennis racket invented?

French MonksFrench monks in the 12th century are normally credited with creating the sport we recognize today as tennis. The original game was played by batting the ball with either bare hands, gloved hands with webbing or small paddles.Wooden RacketA wooden racket, with strings made from sheep intestines, was introduced to the game of tennis around the year 1500.

35 years ago today Arthur Ashe won what prestigious tennis tournament in England?


Is a badminton raquet bigger than a tennis raquet?

NO a tennis raquet is bigger and a lot heavier. in some cases it is not a lot hevier because babolat raquets are sometimes made out of a material that is ove 50% lighter than a normal raquet. they call these Ultra Light Raquets.

Where can you get a Arthur Ashe tennis racket?

Check the local Thrift Shop's 'Sports' section. I've seen the old wooden rackets in several thrift type stores around Atlanta , Ga. I've also seen some great old classics like the Prince Woodie & other early Prince over sized head rackets. It's funny to look at them in 2012. They all look so wimpy compared to the rackets of Today. What was Bjorn Borg thinking when he played using an old wooden racket in the 21st century ?? I don't think it worked out well for him. Arthur Ashe is fairly common racket around Atlanta. Good luck.

How do we use tennis rackets today?

To play tennis

Why is tennis racquet round is shape?

originally, tennis was played with the hands.. which was somewhere earlier than medieval times. that developed into long wooden rackets made by the british, and then into what we have today.. the aluminum and the metal rackets. and yes, the racket has been the standard implement to hit the ball in tennis for a few odd hundred years...

What has the author Glenn Bassett written?

Glenn Bassett has written: 'Tennis' -- subject(s): Tennis 'Tennis today' -- subject(s): Tennis

The Three Tennis Grips That You Need to Learn?

If you think that you want to start playing tennis on a regular basis, then you also need to make sure that you learn the three major tennis grips. You will not be able to hit the ball over the net if you do not know how to properly handle a tennis racket, so it is important to learn these fundamentals of the game. Once you know how to handle a racket, you will be able to hit the ball more efficiently and with more power. Focusing on the basics is always extremely important when you take up a new sport, so make sure that you learn the following three grips.The Eastern GripThe first tennis grip that you should take a look at is the Eastern grip. This is the type of grip that feels natural to most of the people who pick up a racket for the first time, so it is also the most popular grip used today. To use this grip, you will basically need to shake hands with the racket and make sure that the end of your hand is at the end of the handle. You should be able to easily see your thumb if you are using this grip.The Continental GripThe Continental grip is the option used by most pros, but it will not feel natural right away. To use this grip on the court, start with an Eastern grip and then rotate the racket clockwise until your thumb and finger are sitting on the edge of the right side of the handle. You should also bread your fingers out a bit with this grip.The Western GripThe Western grip is what you can switch to after you have become a tennis pro. You can start with an Eastern grip for this grip as well, and then main change you will need to make once you are in an Eastern grip is to turn the racket counter-clockwise. You should continue to turn the racket until the V shape of your thumb and pointer finger is pointing to the right.

Who was Arthur Ashe?

he won three awards: THE u.s open, the Austrialan open ,and the Wimbledon

When was tennis began?

Not completely known. It is believed to have started centuries ago. but at that time it was real tennis not the tennis we play today.

What is the world tennis league called?

The tournament today is known as Association of Tennis Professionals. The National Tennis League was a tour for professional male tennis players.