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since 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised 14 million dollars for cancer research

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Q: How much money has the Lance Armstrong foundation raised?
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How much money has Lance Armstrong's foundation raised?

since 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised 14 million dollars for cancer research

What percent of the money donated to the lance Armstrong foundation goes to operating costs?

don't worry about it

What has Lance Armstrong done for society?

Lance Armstrong has helped raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society For Fighting Blood Cancer.

How much money does lance Armstrong have?

14 milion dollars

What is the meaning behind the Livestrong bracelets?

Livestrong bracelets were made for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in 2004 to raise money for cancer survivorship. It is made from yellow silicone and many other charities have copied the idea.

What is going on with lance Armstrong?

a bike he used was ridden for a girl named jackee banfill who was hit by a train.Its in worcester,ma and her leg got cut off so they raised money for her to get a prosthetic leg.

How did Lance Armstrong change the world?

Lance Armstrong changed our lives today because he helped raise so much money for the cancer awareness and made people believe that they can get through cancer and they can be strong.

How much money has the british heart foundation raised over the years?

Lots of money

What Organization has raised the most money for cancer research?

Jimmy V foundation for Cancer Research has raised the most money.....BY FAR

How much money did lance Armstrong win on le tour de France?

4 million dollars

How much money has The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation Raised?

20000000000000000000000000000 dollars

What did Helen Keller do for the American Foundation for the Blind?

She served as a counselor and raised money for the AFB

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