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Q: How much money does women's wimbledon champion make?
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How much money did Roger Federer make for winning Wimbledon 2012?

The prize money for Wimbledon 2012 was 1,150,000 british pound or $1,956,440.

How much money do tennis players make at Wimbledon?

1.5 million euros

How much money will tennis players make at Wimbledon 2011?

Too much

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Well wimbledon is called wimbledon because its in wimbledon and secondly why do you need to know this. Then it will make it easier for me to answer

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How much money does sam champion make on good morning America?

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How do professional swimmers make money?

When swimmers win competition they win money, its like tennis when u win Wimbledon u win 1 million

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Champion generators normally take a lot of efforts and time to motivate and train the champion-to-be individuals. Once the efforts have paid off, the amount of money generated could potentially be very large.

Has there ever been a columbian wwe divas champion slash womens champion any champion really but that is my dream i hope to be the first?

As of this writing, there has not yet been a women's champion in WWE of Columbian descent. Keep working towards your dream, I know there are many of us here who would love to be sitting ringside when you make it happen.

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Can you spell it correctly and make the question make sense?

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