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Q: How much money does the third place finisher in the masters win?
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How is the masters prize money split if there is a tie for third place?

The Masters prize money is split according to a designated formula. In case of a tie for third place, the money prize for third and fourth place are averaged and awarded to the two players.

What is another term for third place finisher?

Runner up.

What is the second place finisher in the derby called?

First is win or won, Second is place, & third is show

What kinds of medal in Olympic game?

The winner of an event gets a gold medal, the second place finisher gets a silver medal, and the third place finisher gets a bronze medal.

What are the prizes in the Olympics?

The prizes in the Olympic games are medals. The winner receives a gold medal. The second place finisher receives a silver medal. The third place finisher receives a bronze medal.

There are 10 horses in a race. How many ways can there be a first second and third place finisher?


How many ways can nine skiers finish in first second and third place?

The first-place finisher can be any one of the 9 skiers. For each of these choices, the second-place finisher can be any one of the remaining 8 skiers. For each of these choices, the third-place finisher can be any one of the remaining 7 skiers. So there are (9 x 8 x 7) = 504 ways in which the first, second, and third places can be comprised of members of the group of nine skiers.

Do all contestants on Jeopardy keep whatever they have won or does only the winner keep his winnings?

The winner keeps what he/she has won, the second place finisher receives $2000 and the third place finisher receives $1000. When the defending champion does not win a match, he/she gets to keep what he/she won in previous games, as well as the consolation prize for second or third place for that match.

Who were the two men who were disqualified in the 200 meter dash?

At the 2008 Games in Beijing, second place finisher Churandy Martina of Netherlands Antilles and third place finisher Wallace Spearmon of the United States were both disqualified in the men's 200 meter final for stepping out of their lanes.

Does everyone win money on jeopardy?

Of the three contestants, the one who finishes with the most money wins the game and gets to keep the money. The contestant who finishes in second place receives $2000 and the third place finisher receives $1000. The winner of the show gets to return to play two new challengers. If the returning champion wins, that day's winnings are added to his previous winnings. If he finishes in second place, he receives $2000 for that game in addition to his previous winnings, if he finishes in third place, he receives $1000 plus previous winnings.

In the broadcast of Jeopardy on Wednesday January 23 2008 how much cash will the winner earn for the day?

Amanda came in first with $17000 so that is how much cash she earned for the day. The second place finisher received $2000 and the third place finisher received $1000 as consolation prizes.

In Professional Track and Field does the second and third place finishers also get paid?

Its usually depends who the second place finisher is in big meets. But yes, they usually do get paid but much less.

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