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10 percent of wunnings

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Q: How much money does roger federer coach make?
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How much money did Roger Federer make in 2006?

£28,000,000 with sponsors and promotions, match winnings.

How much money did Roger Federer make for winning Wimbledon 2012?

The prize money for Wimbledon 2012 was 1,150,000 british pound or $1,956,440.

Roger Federer or rod laver who is better?

Many consider Roger Federer to be the best tennis player of all time. Roger Federer's grace and precision make him the number one choice of many tennis admirers and fans.

What is Roger Federers salary?

Roger Federer earns $25-30 million per yr. ( this is only with her prize money and majot contract with NIKE, not counting all the other contracts, as well as Rolex)

Who said it takes money to make money?

Joe Roger

Who said 'it takes money to make money'?

Joe Roger

How do you get Roger Federer's autograph for free?

go 2 Wimbledon and c him on the practice courts that's wot i did anyway but make sure u can get the tickets

How much money does a professional tennis player make annually?

It totally depends on his/her ranking and which gender they are. Roger Federer has made roughly 70 million dollars in prize money in his career. If you are ranked #100 in the world you most likely earn 200,000 per year. Also Federer has made more money from sponsorships than playing tennis. His estimated worth is between 200-300 million dollars. It really depends on your rankings and your success.

Did Roger Federer win the French Open tennis title?

OBviously he is going to win OBviously he is going to win

How much money can a coach make?

more than you can make in a lifetime

What should i choose between ipod touch and Roger Federer's tennis shoes?

i think u should choose mb5875 you have 2 make ur own decisions in life.

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