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50 cents as in 0.50

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Q: How much money does college football and basketball games raise for their schools?
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Which sports makes more money college football or college basketball?

It will depend on the school! Many with a strong football program have a weaker basketball program and vice versa. In general, schools make more money from football, simply due to the fact that the stadiums hold so many more people and the games are on weekends. Basketball games are held in smaller venues that can't generate as many ticket sales, and many games are during the week.

How many games in college basketball season?

About 36 games are played In a college basketball season.

Where can one compete in college bowl games?

College bowl games are college football games. The only people that may compete in college bowl football games are the players from each of the college football teams.

Where do you go to watch basketball games?

You can go just about anywhere: NBA games at arenas, high school games at various high schools, college games at various colleges, etc.

How many quarters are in college basketball game?

College basketball games are divided into halves.

How much money do schools receive for winning college basketball games?

No money becasue they would just be the top winning team

What team beaten the number 1 team in college football and basketball in the same year?

Wisconsin beat #1 Ohio State in 2010-11 in both football and basketball. Both games were held in Madison, Wisconsin.

Are college basketball scores in quarters or halves?

College Basketball games are played in two halves.

Is the size of basketball used for college womens basketball games the same as for high school womens basketball games?


Where can one watch college football games?

You can watch college football games at RealPlayer. You can watch specific college games. You can receive games in seconds. RealPlayer is easy to use and free.

Do college basketball athletes parents get into games free?

Yes. A student athlete in football gets four tickets to home and away games to give away to whomever they want.

What game is thrilling?

a soccer, football, basketball, etc games

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