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Olympic medallists (any colour of medal) do not earn any prize money from the competition itself.

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Q: How much money does an olympic bronze medalist earn?
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How many Olympic madals did she earn?

How many Olympic medals did who earn? Who do you mean be 'she'?

How much money does an American athlete earn from the US Olympic Committee for winning a gold medal in the Olympics?

They earn $25,000.00 for a gold medal.

How many olympic medals did jakie Joyner kersee earn?

Jackie Joyner-Kersee earned a total of six Olympic medals. She won two bronze medals, three gold medals and one silver medal.

How much money does a gymnast earn?

well you don't earn anything until you're really good and you get on magazines. but you gotta be at olympic elite level. :D

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How many Olympic medals did who earn? Who do you mean be 'she'?

What year did JOSEPH C Di prosper earn the us army bronze star?

wow did Joseph c. di prospero earn the bronze star

What finish player earn the most medals in winter Olympics ice hockey?

Saku Koivu, Jere Lehtinen, and Ville Peltonen each have won 4 Olympic medals in ice hockey, the most of any Finnish players. Each won bronze in 1994, bronze in 1998, silver in 2006, and bronze in 2010.

How many olympic medals did magnus moan earn?

2 ... a silver in men's sprint nordic combined and a bronze in men's individual nordic combined, both at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin.

How much does a US Olympic athlete earn for each medal that they win?

The athletes of the United States Olympic team do not earn any money regardless of how many medals they earned. After they earned the metals it is possible for them to receive endorsements for different types of products, because of their notoriety.

How much money does a US professional basketball player earn when he play in the Olympics?

The Olympics are not paid. The Olympic committee pays travel expenses.

Do track athletes get paid for setting world records?

How much money do Olympic track and field athletes earn for setting a world record?

Who is the person who has won the most olympic medals who is still living?

Michael Phelps has 22 career Olympic medals (18 of which are gold) in swimming.The second most awarded Olympic medalist is Larisa Latynina (gymnastics), with 18 (9 gold). Latynina still holds the record for most Olympic medals in individual events (14 to Phelps' 13). However, Phelps has already qualified for the 2016 Olympics and stands a reasonable chance to at earn at least a bronze in more than one individual event there; while Latynina (who was born in 1934) is still living, it's unlikely that she will compete in any future Olympiads.

How much does an olympic swimmer earn?

nothing - they do it for the glory

How did Robert E Lee earn the bronze star award?

He did not win a Bronze Star. The Bronze Star was not created until the 1940s, after Lee was long dead.

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Earn Gold Medals in all events with a single character