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They earn from about 40,000 to 130,00 depending on your skills and resources!

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Q: How much money does an equine chiropractor earn?
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How much money does a chiropractor earn daily?

Depends on where you want to work.

How much money do people earn for equine studies?

About $4million to $9million

How much money does an equine pharmacutical earn?

they make about 100,000 dollars a year!

How much does a chiropractor assistant earn in Arkansas?


How much does an equine chiropractor make weekly?

What any vet or equine specialist makes depends on the location of their practice, if they have partners and other factors. I do know from experience that I payed an equine chiropractor 75 dollars for 15 minutes. This was a few years ago so I don't know what the rate is today. I think you can find a chiropractor in your area from your vet or look at the yellow pages online.

How much do equine breeders earn?

Equine breeders can earn from nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their wage depends on the sale of horses and the bloodlines.

How much money does a veterinarian earn in the UK?

Veterinarians earn from about 50.000-130,000, with some variation depending upon species.

How much does an equine physiotherapist earn in the UK?

£20,000-£25,000 a year but a senior equine physio £65,000

How much does an associate chiropractor earn?

The salary that an associate chiropractor earns varies from state to state. However, the minimum they will earn is 40,000 per year, all the way up to 130,000.

How much do equine dentists earn in Dubai?

Dentist in Dubai average about $106,000. Of course, their pay depends on their experience. Equine dentist who have a lot of clients earn more.

How much money does a equine Pharmaceutical make?

An "equine pharmacautical" is a drug or medication used in equines.

How much do equines earn yearly?

This depends on the business, eg a racehorse, a zebra at a zoo, etc. Often taking care of an equine costs more money than the animal brings in.