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Ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of.

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Q: How much money does an Oracle DBA earn?
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Difference between oracle dba and oracle apps dba?

Oracle dba is the person administering the oracle database, and where as oracle application dba is resposible for managinf the middle ware (application Server) as well as oracle database. oracle dba will not look into middle ware.

What is oracle DBA?

Oracle DBA is a database management system. It was developed by the software company, Oracle. Oracle was founded in 1977.

What is the difference between oracle dba and Oracle Production DBA?

Oracle DBA who is solely responsible for Production databases and its issues(resolving tickets) can be called a Production DBA. He would still be an Oracle DBA , its only a different term used to describe a specialty, on Resume's usually. An Oracle DBA who worked more on development Databases , working extensively on programming pl/sql and codes is often referred as Development DBA.

Where can one purchase a remote Oracle DBA?

One can purchase a remote Oracle DBA from several different locations. Some of the places that one could go to purchase a remote Oracle DBA are: Oracle, eBay, and Amazon.

Who is oracle developer?

who can manage the DBA, he is a oracle developer

How do you get oracle DBA certificate?

you have to give Oracle universitis paper. Oracle DBA has 4 papers. If pass all the paper then you will get the Oracle DBA certificate i.e. OCP. Exam fee for each paper is 125 US dollar.

What is the difference between oracle and oracle dba?

Oracle is one of the popular database and DBA (DataBase Administrator) is the person who maintain the database (install oracle software, create,setup,maintain database)

Is there a prerequisite to oracle DBA training?

There are no specified prerequisites for the Oracle DBA training, if you do not have prior knowledge individuals will be given additional course work to complete.

What are the Linux commands used by Oracle DBA?


How much does a SQL Server DBA earn?

about $8,000 per month

Is SAS programming with Oracle DBA a good profile I work as an Oracle DBA administrator but I want to move to SAS programming Will it help?

It's no so much moving on but adding on. Oracle SQL stores the data and retrieves it, SAS formats and massages the extracted data for presentation to end users.

Full form of dba in oracle?

Data base Administrator

Which graphical DBA administration tool would be used to tune an oracle database?

oracle database configuration assistant.

Why did you choose a career in Oracle DBA?

I had always found DBA job very challenging and interseting. Another reason is lot of opportunities.

What skills are commonly required for a person desiring an Oracle DBA job?

There are a number of skills desired for a person wishing to undertake an Oracle DBA job. These include a sound knowledge of Oracle and Database management. One should also have knowledge of Unix, Linux and SQL.

What was suresh varala best known for?

He did Oracle DBA, Microsoft sequel sever.

What is Toad for Oracle used for?

Toad the Oracle is a database tool. It is probably the most well known and commonly used Oracle DBA software that you will find. You can find many websites devoted to Toad for Oracle.

How much earn dba monthly in India?

depends on the experience and expertise. A 3-5 yrs experienced DBA can make 50k to 75k per month in metro cities.

How do you view users permissions in oracle database via sql query?

ask the DBA

What is the username and password for Oracle 9i?

You need to ask the DBA (Database Administrator) for that information.

Where can one find a collection of hints for Oracle DBA?

The best place to find a collection of hints for Oracle DBA in a finance magazine. Finance magazines are constantly covering all types of stories on trading stocks for gains and stories of losses.

Where can one find information on gaining employment with Oracle DBA?

Actually there are several different options in order to get employment as an Oracle DBA. All major companies offer jobs in that area as can be seen on job listing sites like "Monster".

Computer application in education?

Unix, C, C+, C++, Java, Oracle, DBA, Windows.

What is meant by oracle dba?

oracale is safely softwere nd also use on security programing

Where tables are saved in oracle?

In Oracle, tables are stored in segments, which are stored in extents, which are stored in tablespaces, which are stored in datafiles on the host system. This is a DBA issue. No application developer should concern themselves with this topic, except to identify data and query needs to the DBA.