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They earn $25,000.00 for a gold medal.

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Q: How much money does an American athlete earn from the US Olympic Committee for winning a gold medal in the Olympics?
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Did Viktor Black participate in the first winter Olympics?

Viktor Balck (not Black) was a member of the International Olympic Committee at the time the Olympic Winter Games were first held in 1924, but he did not compete as an athlete.

Qualities of an athlete to be in the Olympics games?

the qualities to be an Olympic athlete are strength,power,speed,balince

How do you enter the 2014 Winter Olympics?

You have to join your country's olympic athlete team. Then you can go to the olympics.

What is an athelete in the Olympics called?

An Olympic athlete or Olympian competes in the Olympics.

What do people have to do to be like an Olympics athlete?

people have to practice as much as they can to be like an olympic athlete because you are representing your country.

Do you have to be an American to be a US Olympics athlete?


How do you try out for the Olympics?

Each country has their own way for athlete to qualify for the Olympic Games. In the US most athletes are chosen through a competition where the top athletes are named to the Olympic Team. Those competitions are usually called the Olympic Trials. So, if you're an American and want to try out for the Olympics, find a sport, train hard, and compete in the Olympic Trials. If you win, you go to the Olympics.

How much does a athlete get paid for breaking a world record at the Olympics?

Olympic athletes are not paid.

Why are some people not allowed to use the Rio2016 hashtag?

The average person can. The Olympic committee banned all commercial non-sponsors from using the hashtag, or even making certain tweets about the Olympics this year. They advised if a company is sponsoring an athlete, but do not have an official sponsorship with the Olympic body, they cannot use copyrighted words and phrases such as Olympic, Olympian, Go for the gold, #TeamUSA, or #Rio2016. They have also been banned from referencing results or retweeting anything from an official Olympic account. They are also not allowed to mention Olympics in conjunction with any Olympic athlete that they sponsor. The athletes are also not allowed to publicly thank the companies that sponsored them. Oiselle was ordered to take down a photo of an athlete, because it had a small Olympic ring icon under her running number, as they said it was a copyright violation. The Olympic committee is accusing these companies of ambush marketing for using these hashtags. These companies are accusing the Olympic committee of being overly aggressive and bullying for not allowing it.

Do olympic medal have cash awards?

The International Olympic Committee does not give a cash reward along with the medals. Rather, the Olympic Committee in the athlete's home country, may reward the athlete for their success. A US gold medal winner for example receives $25,000 for a gold medal. Italy offers $182,000, Ghana offers $20,000.

If you are an Olympic athlete do you have to be born in the country you play for or for example if you are Canadian and you get your American Citizenship can you play for the US in the Olympics?

There is no rule that says an athlete can only compete for the country in which they were born but there are some situations brought up in the Olympic Charter that would disqualify an athlete from competing for a country that they were a citizen of.Rule 42 of The Olympic Charter states that the International Olympic Committee has final say over whether an athlete may compete for a particular country. Section 1 states that an athlete must be a 'national' of the country they are competing for but, should there be a dispute, the IOC Executive Board shall resolve the dispute.By-Law 2 of Rule 42 states that an athlete who has represented one country in the Olympics and then becomes a citizen of another country must wait three years from the time they represented their old country before they can represent their new country.Click on the "Olympic Charter" link below to about the rules. Do a find on "Rule 42" to read the specifics about citizenship, or nationality, of athletes.

What olympic athlete won a medal for two different countries at the same Olympics?

wilson kipketer

What Olympic athlete has won the most gold medals in a single Olympics?

Michael Phelps, 8.

How many times has laos won the Olympics?

No athlete from Laos has ever won an Olympic medal.

Who has the most wins in the Olympics?

David Phelps became the most decorated athlete in the 2012 Olympic games with 22 medals in his Olympic career

Which Olympic athlete has won the most gold medals in the history of the Olympic Games?

Michael Phelps in swimming at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Why cant Gibraltar enter a team in the Olympics?

A country must have formed a National Olympic Committee (NOC) and had that Committee approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) before they are allowed to send athletes to an Olympic Games. An NOC is in charge of developing and selecting athletes to compete for the country at the Olympics as well as training coaches and administrators in Olympic rules and regulations. Currently, Gibraltar has applied to the IOC for recognition of its NOC but has not yet been approved. When approval comes, Gibraltar will be allowed to send athletes to compete in the Olympics under the flag of Gibraltar. There has been at least one Gibraltar born athlete to compete in the Olympics. Peter Dignan, born in the city of Gibraltar, competed for New Zealand in men's coxed eights rowing at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal and won a bronze medal.

Is there testing related to becoming an athlete?

It depends on the sport on which you are playing for. Many professional sporting leagues have drug screening tests, to see if any player is taking any banned substance. Yet, I know that the Olympic Committee peforms full drug tests for every athlete that will take part in that respective Olympics. If an athlete tests postive, they will not be allowed to compete

Who was the first ever athlete to win an olympic gold medal?

the american athlete James B.Connolly 1896

Who was the first athlete to win four olympics gold medals in the same olympic games?

Don Quarrie

What athlete has competed in the most Olympics?

Ian Millar has competed in the most Olympic games with 10 appearances.

Is Tom Daley an athlete?

Tom Daley is an Olympic Diver and will be performing for Britain in the 2012 London Olympics.

Who was the star American athlete in the Olympics held at Germany during the holocaust?

Jesse Owens (the star American athlete) was not held in Germany and it was not during the Holocaust.

Who was the 1960 Olympic female African American athlete?

Wilma Rudolph.

Who leads the athletes in reciting the Olympic Oath?

An athlete that represents the country where the Olympics are being held. For the 2010 Games in Vancouver, that will be an athlete that is representing Canada.