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It totally depends on his/her ranking and which gender they are. Roger Federer has made roughly 70 million dollars in prize money in his career. If you are ranked #100 in the world you most likely earn 200,000 per year. Also Federer has made more money from sponsorships than playing tennis. His estimated worth is between 200-300 million dollars. It really depends on your rankings and your success.

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Q: How much money does a professional tennis player make annually?
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How much money does a professional tennis players get paid?

On average a solid (top 200) professional tennis player earns about USD$500,000 at the end of his/her career.

What is the average salary for a professional tennis player a year?

Actually, tennis players around the rank 100 make about 300k a year of prize money. But that total increases a lot when you take in cosideration the money they earn by the sponsors etc. So tennis pros make a lot of money

Who get paid more rappers or tennis?

If you average it out between professional rappers and professional tennis players, it would be rappers who make more money.

What is the average salary for a professional tennis player a year of 1950's?

Professional tennis players' earnings records prior to the 1970's are very limited. Also, players did not earn the same amount of money, due to "backroom deals", appearance fees, etc. As such, there is no way to give a set answer.

How much money does a professional girl volleyball player earn?

There is not set amount of money that a professional girl volleyball player will earn. This depends on age and skill.

How is a tennis player's pay determined?

A tennis player pay is determined by the amount of money sponsors are giving them and the amount of money they receive from winning a tournament. There are extra things to like commercial, guest appearances.

Which sport generates more money football or Nascar?

NASCAR generates more money annually as a whole sport than American professional football (NFL).

How much money did Andre Agassi earn?

According to the ATP website (refer to the link, below), retired tennis professional player, Andre Agassi, earned $31,152,975 in prize money during his professional career (n.b., that figure does not include sponsor, commercial, endorsement, or other sources of income).

How much money does a professional badminton player earn?


How much money does a professional band player make?

about 50,000

Which female tennis player earned the most prize money?

Maria Sharapova with 26millions $

How much money does a tennis player make in the third round at us open?


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