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how much money does a sports tainer make a year

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Q: How much money does a professional sports trainer make a year?
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Careers that deal with sports and make money?

Athlete, Physiotherapist, Sport Psychologist, Trainer, Agent, Scout

Are pro sports profitable?

Generally speaking the majority of professional sports teams are profitable. To offset the usually high contracts of professional athletes, TV revenue for playing the teams on local and even national stations brings in allot of money, helping make the sports team profitable.

Why do professional sports players make so much?

because everyone looks up to them so they think they should make more money

How much does a pro soccer player in Costa Rica make in salary?

Professional soccer players in Costa Rica do not make as much money as other professional sports players in the US. On average they make around $1,000 a month.

How much money a personal trainer make annually?

My butt6565

How much money do professional sports announcers make?

they make about 43,000 thousand dollars a year. I'm not sure but if you want to know go on the OOH(OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK)

What does the world revolve around more academics or sports?

Some may say Sports but the definite answer is academics. Less than 1% of people in the world become professional athletes, because of this very few people will make money just off of playing sports. Therefore having to go to school, get a decent job, and make money of there own.

How much does the average professional sports player make?


How much money does a athletic trainer make annually?

It is said that they make $150,000/year.

How much money does a personal trainer make a year?

I've heard they make 50,000 a your

How do you make my dog a security dog?

Give him to a Professional dog trainer or train him in a special way

How much money do Olympic swimmers make?

How much do professional swimmers make? How much do professional swimmers make?

Do you think professional sports teams positively or negatively impact a city money wise?

Positively because fans spend money on the sports' teams' merchandise. They also spend money on tickets. Better teams make better money, or if they suddenly become good, an example is the Chiefs' sales skyrocketed after the previous season.

Why does the US value sports more than education?

Because most Americans think that they can make it big time in a professional sports program and see it as a "get rich quick" scheme instead of actually working for their money

What sports make a lot of money?

Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and other famous sports are worth a lot of money.

What are the objectives of jjb sports?

to sell sports clothing and equipment, and make money.

What can you use to make a sports bag?


How much money does college sports make?

over 9000

How to become a sports trainer?

Sports Trainer: Sports Trainers assist athletes in the prevention of injury and provide initial management of a sports injury. Sports trainers work in a variety of sports and in various sporting environments. Often, the first person to evaluate the nature of an injury isn't the doctor, but a sports trainer. Trainers provide on-the-scene evaluation and assistance. Good trainers try to keep injuries from happening. To do so, they make sure their clients are in top physical condition through strengthening and conditioning exercises and proper nutrition.

How much money does a lion trainer make per year?

350,000 or more

How much money does an animal trainer at sea world make?

250,000 a year

How much money does professional poets make?

a lot

How much money do professional gymnasts make?


If you want to be in sports in college do you have turn professional?

No. If you want to be in sports during your college years you are certainly not required to turn professional. In fact less than 1% of all student athletes make it to the professional level.

How much money does an athletic trainer make an hour?

Differant people get differant amounts.