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Professional Athletes usually get to chose what they make and they will change teams if they don't think they make enough , but mostly they make about $19.3 million per year.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-25 21:02:17
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Q: How much money does a professional baseball player in MLB in 2009?
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What professional baseball player makes the most money?

For the 2009 season Alex Rodriguez made the highest salary at $33,000,000.

What player makes the most money in Major League Baseball?

Alex Rodriguez. His 2009 salary was $33,000,000.

Who is the best male racquetball player of 2009?

The best professional male racquetball player in 2009 is without question Kane Waselenchuk.

Who is the highest baseball player for 2009?

Alex Rodriguez

Who is the best baseball player in 2009?

Albert Puljos

Who is the best baseball player of 2009?

Gregg Zaun

Who is Joe Cada?

Joe Cada is a professional poker player from Michigan, winner of the 2009 WSOP main event. Joe Cada is a professional poker player from Michigan.

What is the average yearly salary for a professional baseball player?

15 million is the least amount. You can get paid up to 450 million dollars a year in 2009. But that just depends on how good you are.

Who is JC Phelps?

JC Phelps died Sept 18, 2009. He was a professional softball player

What is the least amount of money a major league baseball player can make in a year?

The minimum salary for the 2009 season is $400,000 according to major league players association.

Shawn Marion is a professional basketball player for which team?

Professional basketball player Shawn Marion plays for the Dallas Mavericks. He began his professional career with the Phoenix Suns, then the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors before joining the Dallas team in 2009.

Who is the best player in Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009?

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