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It depends on his experience.

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Q: How much money does a heavyweight boxer get if he wins a fight?
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How much does a Heavyweight Boxer weigh in pounds?

A heavyweight boxer weighs 200+ pounds.

How much does a heavyweight boxer have to weigh?

A Heavyweight Boxer Must Weight Over 200 Pounds, But There Is No Weight Limit.

How much money does a proffessional boxer maake per fight?

They make huge amounts of money , it is a few million dollars.

How much a pro boxer get each fight?

Depends on the fight, championship.

How much money does a good male boxer earn?

Mike Tyson once earned 6 Million dollars for a fight.

How much do professional boxers earn a fight?

how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn? how much does i headliner professinal boxer earn?

How much does a female boxer make?

Depends on wether or not they win or loose the fight

How much money does a professional boxer earn?

hundreds to millions

How much money do you win if you become heavyweight boxing champion of the world?

no one knows

How much money did boxer Henry crawford make?

200£ a day

How much does a middleweight boxer earn per fight and is there a bonus for turning pro?

Before you turn pro you will generally be on no wage unless you are in your countries squad. James Degale (2008 light heavyweight olympic gold medallist) was offered a reported £90,000 a year to stay amatuer.

How much strength is in an average boxer's punch?

the average boxer has a striking force of 880lbs of force that is counting lightweight and heavyweight boxers numbers. some boxers can generate more force ie some have been able to generate force as much as 1600 lbs of force

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