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Q: How much money does a football team get for winning the charity shield?
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Do you get any money for winning Community shield?

no not really!

What charity did Drew give the money to after winning Celebrity Millionaire?

ST Judes childrens hospital.

How much money does a football team get for winning the carling cup?

£100,000 a.H

How much money do football players donate to charity?

illumonati rostafaride

How much is the Prize Money for community shield Winner?

It is a charity cup. Therefore, the winner get a name on the list and history talks!!

What is the prize for the World Cup?

No, it is quite unlikely they will receive any money. The teams sponsors MAY pay a bonus to the players or team for winning but otherwise the honour of winning the World Cup is worth more then money.

How much money a football player earns after winning the Super Bowl?

so it depends on their club,if the club has money they can earn them plenty of moneys.

What do you get for winning a noble peace prize?

You receive lots of money. Like millions. It's $1.5 million and most winners donate the prize monies to charity.

Do pro football players have to donate to a charity?

Most of them do yes. Some may donate more than others.It just depends really

Which charity receives the money from poppy sales?

The charity that the money goes to is The Royal British Legion.

How can you help the oxfam charity?

we could hep by paying money to the Charity.

What do oxfam charity do?

oxfam sell's thing's to raise money for a charity.