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Well it depends of what bace you are in!

wild life - $70- $100 thousand dollas a year

Fashon- $150- $200 thousand a year

Sport- $200- $250 thousand a year

Movies comes in at a wopping $400- $500 thousand a year

Big Budget Production ie Universal Studios $5 million + a year

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You should check with Screen Actors Guild (SAG) as there are different levels for every job in a movie and they control the pay scale.

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about 50000 dollars

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Q: How much money does a film crew earn?
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How much money does a film director earn?

About 200,000

How much money do you get at working at amc?

film crew pay starts at $7.50 an hour

How much money does will smith earn per film?

roughly 20 million per

How much money will you make if you do a movie?

Your answer depends on what role you play in making the film. If you are part of the crew, you'll earn what the union wage is for that crew position, per week. There are unions for actors, directors, sound people, photographers, and so forth. If you are a free-lance worker on the film, you'll earn whatever the production company pays you for your services. Roles might be location scout, driver, set dresser and so forth. If you are a producer and finance the film, you may be able to make millions, depending on how much more you earn from ticket sales, cable rights, DVD sales and so forth, more than you spent financing the movie.

How much money does a film director usually earn?

Answerit depends on how successful the movie is, but they should earn a good amount like about $35,000-$50,000-$500,000

How much money spielberg can earn for film titanic?

Steven Spielberg was not involved in "Titanic". James Cameron was the writer and director.

How much money does a painting contractor earn?

Depends on size of crew On your own you sould make 50k and another 20k per employee after that. If and only if you know what you are doing

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== == he earns $500 000 000 per year and 20 000 000 per film

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A film assistant director can get a salary of over a million dollars if they get to work on a major movie production. The director of a major film can get up to 11 million dollars in salary.

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