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Nothing extra unless he has a clause in his contract stipulating that he makes extra money for each homerun hit. Most higher and elite ball players or ones prone to injury will get a bonus for total homeruns hit over a season but rare for single homeruns hit.

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Q: How much money does a baseball player get if he hits a home run?
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What might be considered an irrational reaction after a baseball player hits a home run?


What is it called when a baseball player is on third base and the player batting hits a bunt and the player on third steals home?

sacrifice bunt

Is it a home run if the baseball hits the foul pole?

Yes, it is a home run if the baseball hits the foul pole.

What is a 20 20 player in baseball?

A 20-20 player is a player that hits 20 home runs in a season and also steals 20 bases in that season

What is a baseball solo shot?

a baseball solo shot is when a guy hits a solo home run, which is a home run when nobody else is on base when he hits it.

What does hit for the cycle mean?

It means that a single baseball player, Hits a Home Run, Triple, Double, and a Single. In one game.

What is a 4040 Player in Baseball?

'40-40 player' is a term used for someone that hits 40 (or more) doubles and 40 (or more) home runs in the same season.

How much money did an average player make in the 1990?

FOR BASEBALL $500 DOLLARS A HOME RUN NICE! U GONNA BE A CHEMISTRY TRIDENTRIUM (a money maker) so anyway I WAS SITTIN AT HOME WATCHIN TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOME IS FJD AWSEOMEME CONYA JPL

What is home run derby in baseball?

a home run derby is whoever hits the most home runs win

How much money do baseball players take home?


If a baseball hits the foul line post and is caught what happens?

Once a baseball hits the foul pole, it's a home run regardless of where it goes.

What is Natural cycle softball?

The natural cycle in softball is when a player hits a single, double, triple and then a home run. In baseball this has only been accomplished 5 times.

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