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Most dancers earn very little money, especially when you land a minor role in a production. Prima ballerina's have been known to earn hundreds of thousands, and even millions.

Most professional ballerina's make $20-30 K a year

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Q: How much money does a ballet dancer earn?
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How much money does a dancer earn?

In ballet, a professional dancer will only make about £20 ($30USD) an hour.

How much money does a ballet dancer at earn?

Well, if you are dancing at a Major ballet company (ie. American Ballet Theater) you can be paid at least $100,000 or much, much more a year...

How much does a ballet dancer earn?

A ballet dancer (one that dances for a company) doesn't earn very much. Approximately 33,000-44,000 per year only.

How much money does a salsa dancer earn?


How much does a NYC Ballet dancer earn?

At the New York City Ballet, experienced ballet dancers earn $1,500 per week. Ballet dancers with star status can make $3,000 to $5,000 per performance working for major companies.

How much does a back up dancer earn?

The amount of money an back up dancer can earn depends on who is paying the dancer for their talent. There is not a set salary for expectation for the dancer.

How much money does a backup dancer earn?

i think dancers earn $17.00 i think dancers earn $17.00

How much does a professional dancer earn each month?

100,000,000 Cash money

How much should a ballet dancer weigh?

A ballet dancer should always be comfortable in their own skin and perform with whats natural, you should never feel embarrassed about the way you look especially if your a dancer

How much does a Utah jazz dancer make?

Probaly the same salary as an regular Ballet dancer makes

How much money does a famous dancer earn?

It really depends on the kind of dancer, who they are, and what job they are currently doing... Dancers are like actors in the sense that there is no guaranteed income

How much money does a dancer get a year?

they earn $15.06 in hourly wages, and Choreographers had average hourly wages of $20.13

How much do you get paid if your a ballet dancer?

You get paid about $2-3000 a week

How much can a ballet dancer get paid?

All I know is not much- even for principal ballerinas!

Who is Raven Wilkinson?

This beautiful woman was a famous ballet dancer with the much acclaimed Ballet Russe, she was the first African American in a major ballet company.

How much would a choreographer-dancer earn?

htey would earn about 10,000

Why do boys hate ballet?

Boys have a stereotype against ballet because they don't want to be seen as girly or feminine. Many people don't understand how much work it is to be a dancer. To be a dancer, you have to be strong and tough.

How much should a female ballet dancer weigh that is 5foot?

Less than 100 pounds

How Much Does A Pro Dancer Get?

a professional dancer can earn up to 1.3million a year but that's if you really put your self out there

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