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Due to the regulation changing a ups pilot by their 15th year of being a captain earns 255 dollars per hour and by there 1st year of being a captain they earn 36 dollars per hour which is a lot when you think about long haul but the conditions can be hard because they usually like arrive either early late or mid day but they need to leave early the next morning so your body wont of even adjusted luckily there is a bed just for the staff on long haul flights for you to sleep on so yea the fo (first officer) earns by there 1st year a amount of 36 dollars per year and by their 15th yea they earn 171 dollars per hour however the so (second officer) earns by there first year they earn 37 dollars per hour but by there 15th year they earn 131 dollars per year

A fed ex second officer earn on a wide body 57.66 dollars a hour on there first year o a Boeing 727 they earn well the same but on a second officer's 15th year they earn 145.13 dollars a hour on a wide body but on a Boeing 727 they earn 127.63 dollars a year.

a first officer earns on there first year 59.77 dollars a year

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Q: How much money does a UPS or Fed Ex pilot earn?
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