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never heard of it and can't find it anywhere on the net, not sure what you are talking about

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Q: How much money does a Tiger 1 paintball Tank cost?
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How much money does a paintball pistol cost?

anywhere from 200 to 800 dollars.

How do you build a paintball tank?

You cannot build a paintball tank. It is dangerous to even try, because if your tank does hold the pressure, it will explode and you will most likely be killed. Tanks are only $30 dollars, and any material that could hold it, plus the cost of a valve will be more expensive.

How much does it cost to hydrotest a paintball tank?

every shop will have their own prices but typically it is about $30-$35 and a week's wait

How much does a dolphin tank cost?

um..alot of money!

How much does a n2 paintball canister cost?

a cheap 3000 psi tank can be purchased at your local sporting goods store and is 35-40 dollars. A good 4500 psi carbon fiber tank can cost upwards of 150 dollars

What is the best inexpensive paintball gun?

If you are worried about price and you havent even paid for a paintball gun yet then paintball may not be for you. Paintball is a very expensive "sport". Paintballs, C02, Gear, and much more is going to cost you money ....ANSWER---If you are going to buy a paintball marker get a tippman. You will get a gun that works really well and lasts for a long time. Buying a CHEAP gun is not going to do you any good in the paintball world.

How much do paintball gloves cost?

$9.99 on Amazon

Between paintball and CO2 pistols which is the more expensive sport?

I'm going to include paintball rifles in this answer. The cost of paintball rifles can exceed $500, but your question only refers to C02 powerplants. So in this answer paintball generally out cost regular C02 pistols and rifles. Now if you include all power plants like Pump, spring and PCP. (Precharged Pneumatic) air weapons then Pellet pistols out cost Paintball. As for the sport itself, with the cost of protection gear and the cost of gaming in general, then Paintball out cost regular C02 in general. But remember paintball is a competitive sport where teams compete against each other and shoot each other. Pellet shooting is a target and hunting sport, they are two very different sports and really should not be compared. Getting shot with a paintball won't kill you, getting shot with a pellet can kill you.

What is the cost of tiger turf?

The cost of tiger turf is very reasonable compared to the other leading turf manufacturers. You get what you pay for and tiger turf cost is for its superior quality.

How much does a paintball course cost?

The cheapest on rap4 is $1700+ dollars.

How much does it cost to build a paintball field?

around 15 thousand

How much does Paintball cost?

At a place called Jeggers it is about $10.00 for 100 paintballs. they also have member ship that makes the cost go down. and finally they have a store where you can buy paintball clothes and guns.

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