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Campeonato de Esapana - Copa de Su Majestad el Rey, which translated to English means Championship of Spain - His Majesty the King's Cup, and better known as Copa del Rey or King's Cup, is the oldest Spanish Football competition held annually. The most successful club is Barcelona who has won it 26 times. Currently, there are 83 teams that compete for the coveted King's Trophy and the prize money is tagged at 1 million Euros.

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1) 160000 [Euro]

2) 150000 [Euro]

3) 145000 [Euro]

4) 140000 [Euro]

5) 130000 [Euro]

6) 120000 [Euro]

7) 115000 [Euro]

8) 110000 [Euro]

9) 105000 [Euro]

10)100000 [Euro]

11) 95000 [Euro]

12) 90000 [Euro]

13) 85000 [Euro]

14) 80000 [Euro]

15) 75000 [Euro]

16) 70000 [Euro]

17) 65000 [Euro]

18) 60000 [Euro]

19) 55000 [Euro]

20) 50000 [Euro]

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Liga - Primera División

1st 3 million

2nd 2 million

3rd 1.25 million

4th 1 million

5th 750,000

6th 500,000

7th 400,000

8th 300,000

9th 200,000

10th 100,000

11th No prize

12th No prize

And so on....

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Q: How much money does a Spanish club have if it wins the copa del rey?
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