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LeBron James makes about $192,437.95 per game as of the 2009-2010 season.

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Q: How much money does LeBron James make per game?
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Who make more money LeBron James or Floyd Mayweather?

lebron james

How much money LeBron James has?

well if you have the game 2k10 and look in rosters you can see how much he make

How much does Lebron James make a game?

500,000 a game

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How much does LeBron James make per game?


How much money Lebron James make in the NBA?

16 million

How much money does Lebron James make each game?

well he made over a million eating chicken and drinking kool-aid

How much money does lebron James make with Miami Heat?

Around 15,700,000

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LeBron James

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You can make a myplayer and name him LeBron James.

Why does lebron James make more money than the president?

Because he's the best.