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over 10,000 or if they came second 5,000

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Q: How much money do tennis players get if they play at Wimbledon?
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How much money will tennis players make at Wimbledon 2011?

Too much

How much money do tennis players make at Wimbledon?

1.5 million euros

How much do tennis players get for each round at Wimbledon?

it is £55

How much is the Wimbledon tennis prize money?

1000000 pounds

How much is the prize money at Wimbledon tennis championship?

The prize money is £850,000, which is $1,188,050.44 in U.S. dollars.

How much do tennis players earn at Wimbledon in the first round?

If you lose in the first round you get £23500 (as of 2013)

How much do tennis players make?

how much money does Federer make

How can tennis players earn so much money?

by winning

How much do tennis players earn at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon 2011, total prize money - £ 14,600,000. Men's & Women's singles winners - £ 1,100,000. Runners - £ 550,000. Doubles winners - £ 250,000. Runners - £ 125,000. Mix doubles winners - £ 92,000. Runners - £ 46,000.

How much money has federer earned?

US$ 49,475,219 as of Wimbledon 2009. He is the all-time leader in career earnings for a tennis professional.

How much is Wimbledon tennis entry fee?

Refer to the link, below.

How much money did Wimbledon gross worldwide?

Wimbledon grossed $41,666,476 worldwide.

How much do strawberries and cream cost at Wimbledon tennis?

£2.25 per bowl

How much money winner in Wimbledon get?


How much money did Wimbledon gross domestically?

Wimbledon grossed $16,862,585 in the domestic market.

How much money do pro tennis players pay to enter a tournament?

This depends on which tournament it is. Often, the fees for the top players are waived to attract them into the competition.

How much did Serena Williams win at Wimbledon 2012?

how much money did serena williams win in the 2012 wimbledon

How much money does the Wimbledon champion earn?

How much money does Wimbleton winner earn

How much money does a professional tennis players get paid?

On average a solid (top 200) professional tennis player earns about USD$500,000 at the end of his/her career.

How much is the Wimbledon tennis entry fee?

For WTA members fee is either waived (for top 10 ranked players) or $150 for wild cards. All answers are in WTA Rulebook:

How much money do you get if you win Wimbledon?

Money received for winning the Wimbledon championship for 2009 is $1,387,970.38 for both men and women's singles

How much money has Venus Williams earned?

Career prize money US$21,921,346(3rd all-time among women's tennis players)

How much did the female winner of Wimbledon in the 1950s make?

Nothing much compared to todays players.

How much money did Roger Federer make for winning Wimbledon 2012?

The prize money for Wimbledon 2012 was 1,150,000 british pound or $1,956,440.

How much money does the winner of the womens Wimbledon title win?

The men's and women's Wimbledon singles winners receive £850,000 in prize money.