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Q: How much money do sports medicine doctor make a year?
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How much does physical therapy sports medicine doctors make?

Their is no such thing as a "physical therapy sports medicine doctor". One or the other. Physical therapist or sports medicine doctor.

What does the doctor do in the middle ages?

the Doctor cured people and if people were sick he would make medicine for them in return of money.

How much does an sports medicine doctor make?

Sports medicine isn't an official medical specialty. There are two types like this Internal Medicine Residency and Orthopedic Surgery Residency. The IM makes about $250,000 per year. The Orthopedic Surgerons make about $400,000 - $1,000,000 per year.

How much money do a sports doctor make during their residency?

About 38/000 a year About 48,000 a year

How much does a preventive medicine doctor make?

A preventative medicine doctor can make just as much or more as a regular doctor. They can make anywhere from 50,000 dollars to a hundred thousand dollars.

How much does a doctor of osteopathic make?

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) makes the same amount of money as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) for the same position. What really determines how much a physician makes is what field they're specializing in, so it's very variable.

If i'am a doctor how much money will i make?

if i'am a doctor how much money will i make

How much money to doctor make all year?

doctor make money about 879.000

Who earns more a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or a MD?

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and Doctors of Medicine make the same amount of money for the same job. What really determines salary is which medical field you decide to go into.

How much money does a professional sports trainer make a year?

how much money does a sports tainer make a year

How much do you earn majoring in sports medicine?

I know trainers dont make alot of money at all and need to be continously certified every year.

How much does a osteopathic doctor make in the US?

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) make the same amount that Doctors of Medicine (M.D.), but what really determines how much money a physician makes is where they work and the medical specialty the physician has chosen.

How much does someone in Sports Medicine make each year?

How much someone in Sports Medicine makes each year will depend on his/her location and experience level. In 2014, the average salary of someone in the Sports Medicine field was $203,045.

How do you make a correct prescription of medicine?

you do not make this yourself , only your doctor can write prescriptions.

What sports make a lot of money?

Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and other famous sports are worth a lot of money.

What are the objectives of jjb sports?

to sell sports clothing and equipment, and make money.

What can you use to make a sports bag?


How much money does college sports make?

over 9000

What can you do to make cramps that come with your period hurt less?

taking special pills or medicine. make sure you ask a doctor before taking the medicine

What is the best medicine to make an abort?

The best medicine is a combo of Mifepristone aka the abortion pill, and Misoprostol. You get them from your doctor. If you don't have a safe abortion provider you can see a doctor at womenonweb.

How much money dose a doctor make in a year?

it depends on what your doing: * Brain/doctor:$450,00-$650,000 * Anesthesiology: $306,964 * Surgery, general: $255,438 * Obstetrics/gynecology: $233,061 * Psychiatry: $163,144 * Internal medicine: $155,530 * Pediatrics/adolescent medicine: $152,690 * Family practice (without obstetrics): $150,267

How much does an average Doctor of veterinary medicine make annually?

$75,000 approx.

Why are engineering and medicine the best professions?

They make the most money.

How much money does a family doctor make?


How much money does doctor make?