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The average person in the United States will spend about 500 dollars a year attending and watching sporting events. Some spend more than this.

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Q: How much money do people spend each year attending and watching sporting events?
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What is the definition for audience?

People who are watching a show or sporting event.

How can people help college football?

By watching it and attending games.

Why is commentary used in sporting events?

Because.....watching people play is boring. You get a inner perspective and more information about the game when you watch a game with commentary.

Why do people go to massachusetts?

Mostly for sports and sporting events

How many people go to professional sporting events?

The average amount of people that would go to professional sporting events is 15 mil anyway later its not rocket science.

What is audience mean?

A group of people watching something like a play or sporting event.

What are 3 sporting events that are won by people moving backwards?


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What is the name of people who sell food at sporting events?

I think they are called Venders.

How many people go to college sporting events?

no many, unless they have the money

Which group attended sporting events at the turn of the 20th century?

All of the above=APEX

What are people in geniral favorite pastimes?

That depends on which group of people to whom you are referring. Age, gender, and culture are all factors in the type of pastimes people enjoy. In the US a lot of people enjoy outdoor activities (such as hunting, camping and nature walks), watching movies and television, watching sporting events, and hobbies (such as collecting things or creating craft-works).

How are horses useful to people?

Horses are useful by being old transportation and good for sporting events like racing and polo events

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The Olympic mascot is a marketing device to get more people interested in watching or attending the Olympics.

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Hospital College Mental institution Movie Sporting events

How many fans attend sporting events every year?

30 000 people attend

What was the first sporting event where people had to pay?

The first sports events where people had to pay were the Games in the Coliseum in Rome,Italy.

Most popular sporting events?

any super bowl at all people love to watch i guess

What do people do at sporting events that they don't do at Broadway shows?

yell drink beer eat snacks the wave

Which state has the nicest people?

Tennessee people are the nicest people. They'll do anything to help. Even at sporting events they're so nice and welcoming.

Who are the faces on the girl's dress at the opening ceremony?

The were to represent the faces of the people of the world who are watching the events

What would people do watching Shakespeare plays?

Although the pervasiveness of televisions and recorded music have made most people oblivious to performances going on around them, people attending plays did and for the most part still do spend their time watching the actors and listening to what they say.

What is the difference between bleachers and risers?

Bleachers are for people to watch, for example, sporting events, and risers are for the performers, for example chorus's.

How many illegal immigrants are invited to the Oscars after parties?

People are not asked for citizenship when attending events in the United States. That is discrimination.

What do you call a group of people attending a concert?

The noun for 'people attending a concert' is attendees.The collective noun for people attending a concert is an audience of people.