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Q: How much money do minor league hockey coaches make?
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How much do little league hockey coaches get paid?

Almost all coaches at the youth age are volunteers. Coaches that make money are high school's, junior's, and a few top Canadian and American AAA hockey programs.

How much money does a hockey player playing the the british elite hockey league earn?


How much meal money do minor league baseball players get?


How much money does minor league baseball announcers make?


What is the salary of minor league baseball players per year?

a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$............................

How much money do minor league basketball players make?

12k - 24k

How much money does a hockey referee earn?

In general, National Hockey League Referees earn anywhere between 110,000 and 255,000 dollars.

How much money do linemen make in minor league football?

150000-700,000 a year

What make of automobile did baseball legend Mickey Mantle buy with Minor league bonus money in 1947?

Mickey Mantle has been a standout player in minor league baseball. As a reward for his play in 1947 he was awarded a bonus. He used the money to buy a 1947 Fleetline Chevy.

How much money do cheerleading coaches make?

NOT Enough!!! :)

Who makes more money a lacrosse player or a hockey player?


What is a minor league baseball players signing bonus worth?

A signing bonus can be worth anything. This is money that is given to the player when he signs the contract and does not count towards any salary cap the league would have. Minor League players generally do not have large signing bonuses unless they are top draft picks --- Tigersy2k3

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