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they get paid a lot.

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Q: How much money do beach volleyball players get paid?
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How much money do volleyball players make a year?

there payed in mints

How much money does a professional volleyball player earn?

It depends on what team they play for, and how good they are. I'm sure that volleyball players earn lots of $$$, especially if they're one of the best players. :)

What are the two types of volleyball?

There is hard court volleyball, which is played on a wooden floor and there is beach volleyball, which is played in the sand (There is also indoor beach volleyball, but it is much smaller than beach and hard court)

How much does a beach volleyball weigh?


Where can one find out about beach volleyball games?

Well, there are several free beach volleyball games available online where you can play at the computer. At websites like y8, Flash Arcade, Play Hub, Smashing Games and Shockwave. If you are interested in playing beach volleyball with human beings, and not a computer, then it is recommended to buy a volleyball and visit a beach. Volleyball is a popular beach game, and players will line up to join in most instances. A volleyball could be bought in a local sports store, or ordered online from a place like Amazon, Overstock or eBay. Don't worry too much on the rules, as they differ a lot and players will normally decide upon them before the game starts.

How much do the pay for volleyball Players?

it depends who "they" is

How much does a professional volleyball player earn?

It depends on what team they play for, and how good they are. I'm sure that volleyball players earn lots of $$$, especially if they're one of the best players. :)

Is beach volleyball and volleyball different?

Yes, Beach Volleyball is always played on a beach or a sand court, whereas Indoor Volleyball must always be played inside on a floor. But they both have the same rules in Volleyball it's just the court that is different. In terms of difficulty, a Beach court is much more harder than a indoor court. It is harder on a Beach court because the sand weighs you down when you are running and jumping, and the wind plays a very big role when it comes to playing Beach Volleyball. Whereas Indoor Volleyball is safe from the elements and the floor is solid so you can run easily and jump higher than on a Beach court.

Does it matter if your playing indoor volleyball and you have a beach volleyball?

There is actually a difference between the 2 balls. Outdoor ball pressure is 2.5-3.2psi. Indoor balls are much harder at 4.3-4.6psi. In other words a Beach volleyball is lighter then a indoor volleyball

How much do volleyball players make?

too much for hiting a stinky little ball over a net

How much money is it to join a volleyball team?

It is about $100 to join a midddle school volleyball team It is about $100 to join a midddle school volleyball team

How much players are on a volleyball?

There are six players on a court at a time. You can have a ton of people on your overall team, but only six are allowed on the court.

How much money does a volleyball coach get?

10000000000000000000 dollars a year

How much money does a volleyball coach earn?

200 dollars

How much money does a professional girl volleyball player earn?

There is not set amount of money that a professional girl volleyball player will earn. This depends on age and skill.

How much money does a beach volleyball ref make?

depending on how old you are it varies, I'm 14 and i make 13 dollars an hour and i work 3 hours a day which is 39 dollars

Can you play with 5 players on the volleyball court?

Ye you can! pretty much it from 2 to 6 people

How much do professional volleyball players make a year?

Usually 75 to 300k depending on talent.

Where is volleyball played?

On a volley ball court or on a beach <-- you can pretty much play anywhere..but most people play inside or on the beach yes...

How much money does an average volleyball player get per week?

Monthly salary of pro volleyball player is about $5000 - $10000.

How much food money do basketball players get on the road?

Basketball players do not get food money, they have a salary. The use their own money

Are the balls the same for beach volley ball and indoor volley ball?

No the ball for volleyball is much lighter

How much money do retired nfl players get?

Retired players only get money if they enter the Hall of Fame

Who created beach volleyball?

Nobody really knows that answer. William Morgan invented the game of volleyball in the 1890s and it is known that beach volleyball started in California in the 1920s. But who played the first game or created it, history has not recorded. The first beach volleyball was played in Santa Monica, Californa and the rules were made by people pretty much copying indoor volleyball. Whoever did was amazing and a hero to man kind. We will thank him forever! Answer: Let's just put it this way, we were playing team beach volleyball on the beaches of Perth, Australia back in the 1960's, and Australia is not really a 'volleyball' country, though it certainly get into its beaches!

How much money did The Beach gross worldwide?

The Beach grossed $39,778,599 worldwide.