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Q: How much money do athletes get for a gold medal and a world record?
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Do track athletes get paid for setting world records?

How much money do Olympic track and field athletes earn for setting a world record?

Do you have to pay money when you win an Olympic gold medal?

no you get payed lots of money and if you break a world record u get 1 million dollars

How much athletes paid for breaking world record?

A lot of money, so much that they should donate some of their winnings to people that have very little.

Is there anything else you get when you set a world record?

maybye a medal

What are the Olympic games about?

The Olympic games are about bringing the best athletes from around the world to compete in events. Athletes compete for the chance to win the gold medal.

What is the total prize money of Guinness world record?

There is no prize money for a Guinness world record

Do athletes get paid for IAAF athletics?

If you break a world record in the 2009 world championsips, you get $100k.

How much does a athlete get paid for breaking a world record at the Olympics?

Olympic athletes are not paid.

Why do they have the Olympics?

We have the Olympics so that athletes from all the world can come to compete in the sport they love (and hopefully win a medal:)

Who had the male high jump world record but not an Olympic gold medal?

Dwight Stones.

Who was the high jump record in 1936?

In 1936, two U.S. athletes, Corny Johnson and Dave Albritton set the world record in the high jump at the Olympic trials when they tied for first place with successful jumps of 6' 9 1/2". Corny would go on to win the gold medal at the 1936 Olympic games while Dave Albritton won the silver medal.

What is the world record for Monopoly money?


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