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Depending on how well you do (winnings) and how much they and the race itself pays.

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Q: How much money do Nascar Sprint Cup drivers make?
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How much money do Nascar Sprint Cup owners make?

Nascar owners get paid 15,000,000 to 60,000,000 depending on who the drivers are and also how many drivers he has

How many pit crews are in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

On race day, 43 active pit crews participate in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. The drivers who did not make the race also have their own pit crews.

Who makes more money a nascar racer or a soccer player?

A NASCAR driver makes more money than a soccer player. NASCAR drivers also make a lot of money from sponsors.

How much money do the top drivers in Nascar make for driving?

10 million

How much money does a Nascar track make per race?

A Nascar drivers pay is determined by how they do in the race. The drivers divide the purse with first and second place drivers being paid the most.

How much money does a beginner NASCAR drivers make?

A beginner NASCAR driver does not usually make much money. The driver might sometimes drive without making any money. At other times the driver may make a few thousand, As drivers gain experience and become well known, they make more money.

What is the salary for a Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver?

That is a closely guarded secret. Even the drivers rarely know what others make. It is unusual for a professional sport.

How much money did Nascar driver Ryan Newman make in 2008?

In the Sprint Cup Series Ryan Newman winnings were $6,179,560.

What is the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup?

The Chase is the playoff for the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship. The top ten drivers in the points and two drivers with the most wins make it and are the only ones who can win the championship. The points are then reset to 2,000 for each of the twelve drivers. Each driver in the top ten will receive an additional three points for each win they had during the first 26 races. Bonus points will not apply to the two wild-card drivers.

How much money does a female Nascar driver make?

Female Nascar drivers can make just as much as the male drivers. It all depends on how the driver finishes in each particular race. Different races have different payouts. There is no discrimination, if a woman won the Daytona 500, she is guaranteed to win over $1 million.

What make of personal cars do the NASCAR drivers drive?

Porsche 911

Why do F1 drivers move to NASCAR?

Because they didn't make it in F1.

How much money did Dale Earnhardt Jr. make in 2012?

In 2012, including bonuses, Dale Jr. earned $5,816,567 in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

How does NASCAR make money?

Companies sponsor NASCAR itself, such as Sprint, which purchased the naming rights to the premier series. Fans buy tickets, merchandise, and food as well, and I'm not positive, but the tracks might have to pay NASCAR just to be on the schedule. Also, NASCAR makes millions of dollars off of TV rights from FOX, TNT, and ESPN.

How do the drivers qualify for the NASCAR championship?

The top 10 drivers with the most points after the first 26 races automatically make Nascar's 'Chase for the Sprint Cup'. There are also two wildcard spots available, that would be the two drivers from 11th to 20th place in points who have the most wins.Let's say three drivers from 11th to 20th place have two wins each after the 26 races. The two drivers with the most points of the three would qualify for the wildcard spots.To determine the Nascar Sprint Cup Series winner:Whoever has the most points over the last 10 races of the season is declared the champion.

How much do NASCAR drivers make per year?

NASCAR drivers typically make anywhere from $1 million to more than $20 million a year. It really depends on if they are a full time driver, who they drive for, and their winnings.

How much money did Tony Stewart make when he won the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Series championship?

In 2011, Tony Stewart made $6,567,771. in race earnings.

How much money did Carl Edwards make in 2011?

In 2011, Carl Edwards earned $11,351,964 in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series and $2,058,814 in the Nationwide Series.

How much money does NASCAR make?

If you own a Nascar team you probably don't make much money at all, and some might even spend more then they make. For drivers it all depends on who you work for, and for crew members it depends on what you do on the team. But as far as owning a team, there is an old saying about racing, "To make a small fortune in racing you start with a big one".

Why do Nascar drivers only make left turns?

Ever been to Watkins Glen, NY. NASCAR runs the road course. Lefts AND rights.

How does NASCAR compare to other Sports in America?

One of my GRIPS is the availability of autographs, in Nascar the drivers are very free with signing autographs, other sports its very hard to get one, the sports figures do-not make themselves available like Nascar drivers do. So my answer to you (in my opinion) is its a people sport.

Why do drivers push each other in a Nascar race?

To make the car in front go faster.

How much money does Nascar make in concession revenue?


How much money do Nascar drivers make per year?

Well it depends on your skills, position you finish, and your sponsor. If your sponsor is very popular then it kind of means you get payed a little more.

How much does the number 24 car's pit crew make in Nascar?

If you are talking abut the 24 car In the NASCAR Sprint cup series those guys make around 100k a year. They are finely tuned athletes and work for the most powerful and dominant team in NASCAR history, Hendrick Motorsports.