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Q: How much money did usher pay for the Cleveland cavaliers?
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How much in 2009 is the Cleveland cavaliers worth?

$477 billion dollars

Who is the Cleveland cavaliers rival?

LA, Boston, Detroit(not as much anymore), and Orlando.

How much do the Cleveland Cavaliers pay LeBron James?

not enough cuz he went to the heat

How much does a ticket cost for a Cleveland Cavaliers game?

Individual tickets for a Cleveland Cavaliers game varies anywhere between $9 and $155. If you are looking to get season tickets they will vary anywhere between $396 and $6820.

How much money do usher have?


How much money do usher make?

Usher makes over 55 million dollars.

How much money usher have?

The young entertainer Usher is said to be worth about $110 million. He makes most of his money selling his music.

How much money does Usher Raymond earn in an hour?

Raymond Usher earns about $1700 each hour.

How much money does usher Raymond make?

678,000,000 a year

How much money does usher make per concert?


How much money does usher have?

well i dont know how much exactly well i can say A LOT !

How much does the Cleveland cavaliers cost?

Actually It Cost like $75,000,000,000,000 Because its a Franchise and LeBron James but if he leaves and go's to the knicks then its like half of it.