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1.3 Billion

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โˆ™ 2009-11-28 01:24:30
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Q: How much money did the new Dallas Cowboys stadium cost to build?
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How much money did the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard cost?

The scoreboard in Cowboys Stadium cost $40 million.

Which team is worth more money the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Even though the Cowboys have a better stadium, the Steelers still have more money...Cowboys 200 billion, Steelers 276 billion.

What team makes more money the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas cowboys

How much money did it cost Jerry Jones to purchase the Dallas Cowboys?

He reportedly bought the Cowboys and Texas Stadium in February 1989 for $140 million to $150 million, which at the time was the most ever paid for an NFL franchise.

Which nfl franchise is worth the most money?

Dallas Cowboys

Which American sports team makes the most money?

Dallas Cowboys

Who makes more money the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys?

the Yankees

Did Emmett Smith retire from the Dallas Cowboys?

Yes. February 3rd 2005 he retired from the Arizona Cardinals & then signed a one day contract with Dallas (for no money) and then immediately retired as a member of the Cowboys.

Who is the New York Mets stadium named after?

It is named after citi bank becuase they donated the most money to the mets organization in order to build the beautiful stadium. It is the same for Shea stadium. It is named after the Shea family who donated the most money to build that iconic stadium.

What team in the NFL makes the most money?

It's the Dallas Cowboys followed by New England then Houstan.

How much money did the olympic stadium cost to build?

9 million pounds

How much money does a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader get?

According to a November 2010 piece posted on, the Cowboys Cheerleaders now receive $150 per game. But they can make much more money for appearances.

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