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Only 55 million. Compare THAT to the yankees!!

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Q: How much money did the Pittsburgh pirates pay their entire team last year?
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When was the last time the Pittsburgh pirates played the Boston redsox in Pittsburgh?

2011. The Pirates won the series 2-1

When did the Pittsburgh Pirates last win the World Series?

The last time the pirates won the world series was in 1979

When was the last time the pirates went to the World Series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates last went to (and won) the 1979 World Series.

How long did the Pittsburgh Pirates last in the NFL?

The Pittsburgh Pirates was the original name of the Steelers franchise. They were called the Pirates from when they were founded in 1933 up until the end of the 1939 season.

What is the last year the Pittsburgh Pirates won more that 81 games?


When was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates appeared in the postseason?

The Pittsburgh Pirates appeared in the wild-card playoff round in 2013, 2014 and 2015. They lost all three games.

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates won a world series?

1979 against the Baltimore Orioles

Last time Pittsburgh Pirates had a winning season?

1992, the year after we traded Barry Bonds.

When is the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates won a game?

Today. 8/19/12. Jackass.

Who was the pitcher when Babe Ruth hit his last home run?

Guy Bush of the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 25, 1935 at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.

What chance do the Pittsburgh pirates have at the playoffs?

The Pittsburgh Pirates were in the run for thr playoffs,before the last to Braves sometime in July in the 19th inning..ever since the bad play at the end of the game..the Pittsburgh Pirates now have a liitle to no chance to run in the playoffs,which makes them have another loseing streak to 19 seasons

Last year Pittsburgh Pirates went to World Series?

1979 when they beat Baltimore 4-3

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