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6 billion

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Q: How much money did the London Olympics make?
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How much money has London spent preparing for the Olympics?

200 billion

How much will the London 2012 Olympics cost?

Alot of money. In Athens it cost 11.2 billion pounds.

How much money does coke make from the Olympics?

4 millon

How much money did each olympic game cost?

the last Olympics (London) has not yet been tabulated, but it will run into the millions.

How much was the London 2012 Olympics?


How much did the London Olympics cost?


How much money does the London Eye make?

2.5 million pounds a year

How much money did Australia spend on athletes at the Olympics?

really it depends on what you mean becaause australia has spent $350 million just on the London Athletes and it is roughly $700 billion since we had joined the olympics.

How much will the London Olympics stadium cost to build?


How much should be spent on the London 2012 Olympics?


How much will 2012 London Olympics cost to host?


How much is it going to cost the UK to host the London Olympics?

The London 2012 Olympics is Costing us About 15 Billion Pounds in debt and it is increasing!!!