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In 98-99 he made $6,000,000

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Q: How much money did Wayne Gretzky make per year?
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How much money did Wayne Gretzky make in his hockey career?

80 million dollars.

How much money did Wayne Gretzky make as a coach?

Nearly $8 million per season.

How much is an autographed jersey of Wayne Gretzky's worth?

Typically, autographed jerseys of Wayne Gretzky are worth a lot of money. Currently, an autographed jersey of Wayne Gretzky is worth anywhere between two hundred and six hundred dollars.

How much is a Wayne Gretzky RC?

$ 1,500

How much is Wayne Gretzky worth?

240 million

How much money does Wayne Gretzky upper deck Collector's choice magic man the year that the card was made is1997?

7 dollars

What year did Wayne Gretzky die?

Wayne Gretzky is not dead. As of February 2015, he is very much alive and well. He is married to Janet Jones, and he and his wife have five children.

How much are Wayne Gretzky cards worth?

about 1 dollar

How much is a reprint of Wayne gretzky?

They are usually worth a small fraction of it's original counterpart ... For Wayne Gretzky rookie reprints they sell anywhere $2 - $50 us dollars...

How much money did cash money make out of Lil Wayne?

A lot.

How did Wayne Gretzky become a leader?

The goalies were quite easy to score on back in the day, and there was also not much competition for gretzky, so ya

How much is a Wayne Gretzky card worth?

i would say about 300$ or 250$

How much is a Wayne Gretzky New York Rangers card worth?


How much did Wayne Gretzky get paid when he played for Edmonton?

he was paid 1000000000000000000 dollars

How much would a McDonalds tray signed by Wayne Gretzky be worth?


How much is a Wayne Gretzky 1991 score card worth?

9.25 unforchunaly

How much money do Lil Wayne make in a year?

Lil Wayne is estimated to make about 600 million dollars a year.

How much is a signed Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers jersey worth?

As much as someone is willing to pay for it.

What is the value of a LA Kings hocky helmet signed by Wayne Gretzky?

I Don't know but I have a coca cola patch Wayne Gretzky jersey signed pardon the spelling maybe would you know how much that would be worth?

How much is a Wayne Gretzky la kings hockey card worth?

470.300 dallors

How much is a 1990 tops Wayne Gretzky card worth?

it depends on where you buy it, and who you buy it from.

How much is a Wayne Gretzky retirement upper deck card set worth?


How much is an new unsigned Wayne Gretzky easton hockey stick worth?


How much is an o pee chee Wayne Gretzky misprint 1990-1991?


How much is Wayne Gretzky's real game used hockey stick worth?