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Mayweather received a guaranteed $22.5 million for the fight, plus a bonus for pay-per-view subscriptions

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Shane Mosley was guaranteed 7 million without PPV bonuses, after PPV bonuses are added Sugar could end up with a $12 million pay day.

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Q: How much money did Floyd Mayweather make for his fight against Shane Mosley?
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Who won the Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley fight?

Floyd Mayweather won..... it went to unanimous decision

Who did Floyd Mayweather fight in his last fight?

Sugar Shane Mosley

When does Mayweather fight next?

3rd March 2010. Sugar Shane Mosley versus Floyd Mayweather.

Who did Floyd Mayweather fight before Shane Mosley?

Juan Manuel Marquez

What is the purse for Floyd Mayweather vs Sugar Shane Mosley?

The purse is 5 million.

When did Floyd mayweather fight sugar Shane mosley?

They fought 1st MAY 2010

Who has bigger arms mayweather and mosley?

Floyd Jr has a wingspan of 72" and Sugar Shane's is 74".

Did Floyd Mayweather win his recent boxing match?

yes, he defeated Shane Mosley by Unanimous Decision

When was mayweather's last fight?

Against Shane Mosley on the 1st March 2010, MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Who won pacman or Mayweather?

There is no sign of these two getting in the ring together Pacman beat Joshua Clottey, and Floyd fights Shane Mosley in May.

Where to watch mayweather vs mosley live stream online?

In boxing, coming for the WBA World welterweight championship, it's Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States. So where can you watch Mayweather vs Mosley live stream broadcasts? We have the list of live streaming channels for international viewers below, most of which will provide a free Mayweather vs Mosley live telecast.

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