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He can bench 195 where as Tim Tebow can bench 405 3 times.

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Q: How much mark sanchez bench?
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How much does NFL player Mark Sanchez weigh?

NFL player Mark Sanchez weighs 225 pounds.

What race is mark sanchez?

Mark Sanchez is Mexican-American

Does mark sanchez currently have a girlfriend?

NO, Mark Sanchez does not have a girlfriend

How much does Mark Sanchez make?

22 million

What is mark sanchez ethnic backgorund?

Yes, Mark Sanchez Is Mexican

What is Mark Sanchez's middle name?

Mark Travis John Sanchez

Does mark sanchez know Spanish?

knows alittle but not much

How much is a Mark Sanchez rookie card worth?


When was Mark Sanchez born?

Mark Sanchez was born on November 11, 1986.

What is Mark Sanchez's birthday?

Mark Sanchez was born on November 11, 1986.

What NFL team does Mark Sanchez play for?

Mark Sanchez plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What position does Mark Sanchez play?

Mark Sanchez plays Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

When did Mark Sanchez admit he was gay?

Mark Sanchez never admitted to being homosexual.

How much does mark Henry bench?

860 pounds

How much can Mark Hennry bench?

69 pounds

Are Diego Sanchez and Mark Sanchez related?


How much can mark Henry bench press?

He can bench press around 800 pounds without a suit.

How much can mark kerr bench press?

610 lbs

How tall is mark sanchez jets quarterback?

Mark Sanchez is 6 ft 2 inches (6'2'').

What college did NFL player Mark Sanchez play for?

NFL player Mark Sanchez played for USC.

What will happen to Mark Sanchez now that Tebow is playing for the NY Jets?

He will continue starting and teblow will sit the bench until he gets sick of it and then move to a different team.

How much will the NY Jets pay Mark Sanchez?

Stafford signed for 78 million over 6 years. Sanchez will probably get slightly less.

How much can WWE mark Henry bench?

he can bench press 600lbs i dont know how he does it but i watched it on tv ages ago

How old is Mark Sanchez?

NFL QB Mark Sanchez is 31 years old (birthdate: November 11, 1986).

Who would be a better quarterback to pick up in your fantasy football league Kyle Orton or Mark Sanchez?

Mark Sanchez