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Five laps of a 400 meter track (2 km = 2000 m & 2000/400 = 5 laps)

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Q: How much laps would it take to complete a run of 2km?
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How many laps in a swimming pool would you have to complete five football fields?

It depends on the length of the pool. In a 25 yd pool, it would take 20 laps. In a 50 yd pool, it would take 10 laps.

What is the number of laps it would take to complete 550 yards in a 25 yard pool?


How many laps would it take to complete 1.5 miles if each lap equals 1000 ft?

Since 1.5 miles equals 7920 feet, you would need to run just under eight laps !

In a swimming pool how many laps does it take to complete a 200?


How many laps will it take to swim 250 yards?

A lap is technically 2 lengths. And every 2 lengths in 50 yards. Therefore, you would have to swim 10 lengths (or 5 laps) to complete 250 yards.

How long is a 400 meter swim?

Swimming in a 25 meter pool, you would need to swim 16 laps. It is 440 yards, or 17.6 laps in a 25 yard pool. If it takes a swimmer 2 minutes to swim 100 meters, then it would take that swimmer about 8 minutes to complete.

How many laps would it take to equal 1 mile around a 60 x 90 gym?

If the running space is the 60'x90' then it would take about 17.5 laps. If that is the distance corner to corner then your running space would be about 5' from each wall bringing it down to 50'x80' making it about 20 laps.

How many running laps are in a minute?

Unles you sprint or run really fast, it would take most people more then a minute to complete a lap around a track.

A racing car driver can complete one circuit of the track in 5 minutes and 18 seconds How long should it take him to complete 25 laps?

Multiply by 25

75 meter pool how many laps equal a mile?

It would take about 21.5 lengths (10.8 laps) to equal one mile.

How many laps does it take around the gym if it is 50 X 84 to equal a mile?

Assuming you are running very close to the gym walls, it would take you about 19.7 laps to run a mile.

How many meters equal 5280 feet our gym pool is 50 meters up and back one full lap How many laps to equal a mile?

Answer: 5280 ' = 1609.344 m. 1609.344/50 = 32.2, so it would take 32.2 full laps to complete one mile.

How many laps would it take to do 3 miles on a 1600 meter track?


How many laps in a 20 yard pool is 1.2 miles?

If each lap is 20 yards it would take 105.6 laps to equal 1.2 miles.

How many laps does it take to swim a mile in a lap pool?

If the pool is 25 yards , and a lap is one length of the pool, then it would take 70.4 laps to go a mile. In a 25 meter pool you need to swim 64.4 laps. In collegiate swimming competitions, the swimmers in the mile event swim 64 laps in 25m pools.

If Terri swam 3 laps in 2.5 minutes how long would it take her to swim 20 laps at the same rate?

3 laps takes 2.5 minutes → 1 lap takes 2.5/3 minutes → 20 laps take 2.5/3 × 20 minutes = 16⅔ minutes = 16 minutes 40 seconds.

How many laps does it take to run a 10 k race?

25 laps

If 2 laps equals 3 miles how many laps wil it take too traval 5o miles?

19 laps

How many laps around an NBA basketball court in a mile?

NBA courts are 94´x 50´, making a lap around 288 lineal feet. A mile has 5,280 feet, it will take 18.3333 laps around a regulation NBA basketball court in order to complete a mile.

How many laps around a baseball field is a mile?

I am assuming you are referring to a MLB baseball field and since all MLB ball fields have different distances to the wall it would be impossible to answer. However, running the bases would take you 14.6 laps to run 1 mile.

How many laps does it take to swim a 68 mile?

4787.2 laps if the pool is 25 yards long. And 4377.4157 laps if the pool is 25 meters long...

How far are the formula 1 races?

The races are usually set up in such a way that it would take approximately 2 hours to finish a race. Based on the track length and lap time, the number of laps are decided. Shorter circuits have more laps while longer circuits have lesser laps.

If a track were 500 meters around how many laps would a runner take to run 2 kilometers?

4 laps a kilometer=1000 meters 2*1000=2000 meters/500=4

How many laps is 500 meters?

It depends on which pool you swim in. If it is a 25m pool then it will take 20 laps to finish but if it is in a 50 meter pool, which is Olympic size, it will be 10 laps to do 500 meters.

How many laps is it to walk 1.7miles?

That depends on the length of your "lap." The normal lap in US high schools and colleges is a quarter mile long. In this case, it would take you just under 7 laps to reach 1.7 miles.