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you would want almost 100 by 50 feet

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Q: How much land would it take to build a tennis court?
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How long does it take for tennis court construction to be completed?

The length of time required for tennis court construction depends heavily on the type of court being constructed. There are three main types of tennis courts: clay courts, grass courts, and concrete courts. As for grass tennis courts, the construction time depends on whether or not you already have suitable grass to build the court on. If the grass is already there, then construction of a grass tennis court need not take very long. However, if you need to grow the grass for your tennis court, then this type of court can take quite awhile to construct. Concrete court construction time is limited by the amount of time necessary to prepare the land for the concrete to be poured as well as the length of time it takes the concrete to cure after it is poured. Depending on who you hire and how long they work daily, concrete court construction can a few weeks. Weather can impact the length of time necessary to construct all types of tennis courts.

Who would win a fight between a great white shark and a polar in one meter of water in an arena the size of a tennis court?

Either. If there is land, then the polar bear would win. If there isn't any land then the great white would win.

How tennis played?

A tennis game starts by serving the ball which has to land at the diagonal front box and you can only let the ball bounce once in your court then hit it right over the net and plays on like that.

What is the area covered by singles court in tennis?

The two service Boxes and the no mans land (The large box directly behind the two service boxes). Another way to put it would be everything but the outermost Lanes.

What is land tennis?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield invented land tennis in 1873, which later became the "tennis" we know today.

Why would the supreme court strike down a new land?

because it was......

Why would people build a sea wall?

to prevent land from erosion and flooding

Who inveted tennis?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield invented "land tennis" in 1873 which eventually was shortened to just tennis.

How much would it cost to buy land and then build a home?

depends on were you buy the land land is about 200,000 and a nice house is 500,000-1,000,000

What would be your problem if you dropped a tennis ball and a golf ball to see wich one would land first on the ground?

density of object

Who Inventeded Tennis?

Major Walter Clopton Wingfield invented land tennis in 1873, which later became the "tennis" we know today.

F a tennis ball and a bowling ball are dropped from a 5 story building which one would land first?

if we ignore wind resistance they will land at the same time.

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