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Q: How much is warren moon 1983 rookie card?
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A Topps 350 warren moon card signed by warren moon what is the value?

You can expect to close to $25 to $30 for the card. The card is from the year of 1986.

Warren moon card value?


What is a 1991 Warren Moon card worth?

Less than 20 cents. 1990 Pro Set Card#359 Warren Moon PB $0.25

How much is a Warren Moon CFL Card worth?

75 cents cash

What is the birth name of Warren Moon?

Warren Moon's birth name is Harold Warren Moon.

How much is a warren moon QB vikings card worth?

like 200 or 250 bucks

What is the value of a Warren Moon Pro Set 167 card?

Less than 25 cents.

Will warren moon sign a card?

yes i have a warren moon signed card. i found his address on you search for harold moon. he lives in L.A.,CA he is 54 you write a polite letter and put a stamped return envolope with your address on it. i got mine back in 15 days. hope it helped

What is warren moon?

Warren Moon is a broadcaster for the Seattle Seahawks.

How much is your pro set pro bowl Warren Moon card worth?

Less than 20 cents

Where can you sell combination quarterback football card of John Elway and Warren Moon?

ebay kijji or pawn shop

what type of pro set cards are there?

There are pro set cards for every aspect of football. They have card for both rookie and seasoned football players, hall of fame, goal line art, a sampling of pro set cards includes Bret Favre, Bernie Williams and Warren Moon.