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The 1966 World Cup final was held in England and featured England and Uraguay as the finalists. An unused final ticket in pristine condition is worth about £10 to £20.

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Q: How much is unused 1966 world cup final ticket in pristine condition worth?
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How much is a unused 2005 champions league final ticket worth?

You can get normally between £30-£45 for one in perfect condition.

What is the value of a Liverpool vs Juventus Euro Cup Final program and unused ticket?

The programme is worth

How much is an unused 1960 European cup final ticket worth?

i sold mine for around £860

How much is an unused 2007 FA Cup Final Man Utd v Chelsea ticket worth the first at the new Wembley Stadium.?


How much is an unused 1966 World Cup Quarter Final ticket worth that featured Portugal vs. Korea?

approx GBP 10.00 - 20.00

How much is a ticket stub from the 1964 FA Cup Final worth?

Many of the ticket stubs are valued in price close to $15 each. The amount will vary depending the condition that the ticket is in.

How much is a ticket stub from the 1946 FA Cup Final worth?

Many of the ticket stubs are valued in price close to $50 each. The amount will vary depending upon its condition.

How much is a 1950 fa cup final programme and ticket stub in great condition between arsenal and Liverpool worth?


What is the price of 2014 All Ireland Hurling ticket?

For the final, a stand ticket was €80. A terrace ticket was €40. The final went to a replay and ticket prices were reduced. A stand ticket was €50. A terrace ticket was €25.

How much a Wham final tour programme very last concert at Wembley plus ticket stub perfect in excellent condition might sell for and would it be better to sell outside UK?

Ticket in mint condition £80+, programme mint £100+ (Seems to be more programmes mint than ticket stubs though over the years gone by)

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Bsc final year hall ticket no.

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Who was Manchester Uniteds substitute in the 1968 European cup final?

Jimmy Rimmer, an unused sub goalie.

Did Adebayor played the champions league final between fc Porto and Monaco 2004?

No, he was an unused substitute.

How can you know ba final year hall ticket number?

I Have typed BA Hall Ticket so i Know I Have typed BA Hall Ticket so i Know

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not yet

How much is an unused ticket for the 1966 World Cup final worth?

Check out eBay, some went for as high as $100 and even way more in the thousands.AnswerThis will depend on: dateteamsconditionAnswerLook on Ebay trust me. you can auction it for more than £700. a fan caught the first ball david beckham missed in afree kick at the 2002 world cup and sold for £2000.if u gonna sell it make sure its an English buyer especially if itssomething like a semi final or final match ticket...

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How much would a 1968 European final ticket stub be worth?


What is the value of an unused tony gwynn final game ticket?

Tony Gwynn Final Game Full TicketValue is based on past auction and sales. I only found a hand full of recently completed eBay auctions, and based on these auctions I would estimate the value for a Tony Gwynn last game/Rickey Henderson 3,000 hit* full ticket played on 10/7/2001 at about $20.-$30. in Near Mint condition. (lower for Ticketmaster tickets.)*NOTE: Rickey Henderson also collected his 3,000th Hit at this game.I found three auctions that included the Commemorative ticket along with the actual ticket for the game, and the selling prices were $8.37, $4.99, and a "best Offer" price below $29.99 (They do not list the "Best Offer" price but I doubt the seller took less than $20.) None of these auctions mentioned Rickey Henderson's 3,000 hit.One 10/7/2001 game Ticket (without the Commemorative ticket) being sold as Rickey Henderson's 3,000 hit ticket (Gwynn's last Game) sold for $32.99. Unlike the others, this Ticket also pictures Tony Gwynn)

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How much is a carling cup final ticket?

it cost something between £200 and £600 to go to the 2012 final, liverpool vs cardiff

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What is the value of 1970 FA cup final replay ticket?

In good condition, approx £100. Most FA Cup final tickets from the 1960's through to 1990's are worth in the order of £15-£45, depending on the winning team. The original ticket for Wembley is worth only £30, but the novelty factor of the replay at Old Trafford and this being Chelsea's first FA Cup makes this one very collectable.

How much is a 1970 world cup final ticket worth?

I have the ticket of the end of 1970 without highlight, signed by all the selection, is worth the price of U.S. $ 200,000.00