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any goal scored by a visting team is worth one. However, if a game is played over two legs and ends in a draw, then away goals (goals scored by the visting team) count as double.

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Q: How much is the value of a visiting goal in soccer?
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How much is a soccer goal worth?

A goal in soccer is worth one point.

What is a goal kick in soccer?

i love soccer so play it as much as you can!:)

How much is to play in goal soccer centre?


What is important in soccer?

making sure that you keep the ball away from your goal and toward the other goal. pretty much defense.

What is the definition of goal average and how is it calculated in soccer?

Goal average is goals scored divided by goals conceded. It has of course been pretty much superseded by goal difference these days.

How can a soccer goal keeper score a goal?

most of the time when a goal keeper takes the penalty shot but sometimes when the goal keeper of the other team is so much above his field or area the goal keeper may kick the ball from goal to the other goal.

How much money does a soccer player win by a goal?

Footballers usually get a weekly fixed salary as in their contract.

What is the function of soccer?

Mainly the function of soccer is to score a goal... however, there are various aspects on how one can deal with the game.. there are aspects like aiming not to conceed a goal... to play defence... to attack from the sidelines (counterattack).. So that is my answer. Thank you very much :)

What is goldtending?

I think u mean goal tending its a goalie pretty much like in soccer hockey or lacrosse

Why are soccer goals 8 yards wide and 8 feet in height?

Because the goal keeper can jump that much highier.

How much is a point in soccer?

One goal equals one point in soccer. For instance, if you scored two goals and the other team scored one, the score would simply be 2-1.

How much time is added to clock when a goal is scored in olympic soccer?

None at all! Only for injury or substitution normally! GHERKIN