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In the 2009 season the cost to park at Kauffman Stadium is $9.00.

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Q: How much is the parking fees at the royal stadium?
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How much is parking at panthers stadium?

about $10-$15

How much do season passes at Yankees stadium?

Click on the link below for more information.

Approximately how much does airport parking cost per night?

The cost of airport parking varies depending on where in the country the airport is located. Fees can vary for on-site airport parking and parking is also available off-site near many airports. Each off-site parking lot sets their own nightly fees.

How much is parking at a Devil Rays game?

Currently{2007 season} parking at Tampa Bay Devil Rays home games is free if you park in the official stadium parking lot.

How can you recover the cost of impound storage fees and parking tickets on a seized sold vehicle?

pretty much you cant

How much is a fine for parking in a tow away zone in Albuquerque NM?

the fine is $50 pluscourt and impound fees

How much will a parking ticket cost in Brooklyn NY?

A parking ticket in Brooklyn NY will typically cost the offender approximately $115.00. This fee does not include any late fees.

How much is parking at a baseball stadium Particularly Pac-bell Park if you know?

$30 close in $20 for a 10 block walk

How much it cost to park airplane in airport?

It depends on the airport--the terms they use are "parking fees" and "ramp fees." Some airports have no fees. A moderate-size, not overly busy airport won't have ramp fees. Some airports have fees that are waived if you buy a certain amount of fuel. And some have non-waivable fees.

How much does Reds parking cost?

Parking for a Reds Baseball game varies according to where in town and how close to the stadium you want to park. If you are willing to walk six blocks you can find parking for $2.oo the closer you get the more it costs. High end is around $25.00

How much is parking fees for parking at Penn Station Baltimore MD?

The going rate for parking at the garage at Penn Station is a max of $12 per day. The monthly rate is $200 but there is a long waiting list. I have found private business offered outside parking within a couple of blocks of Penn Station around $125 monthly. There's also a 24/7 public parking garage across the street from Mt. Royal Station at The Fitzgerald. While not as close as the Penn Station garage, it has the same $12 max daily rate & it's monthly rate is only $130.

How much does it cost to park at worlds of fun?

OMG!! I love Worlds of Fun. I grew up not far from there and use to get a season pass every year. The parking use to be free. I checked the website and could not find any mention of parking fees.