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depends, if its old with all the coaches in the box and the 125 motor car and the non motor car in the box (working and can move when on the train track) around £80-£120 depending on the condition.

if its old but quite scruffy not in the boxes £55-£80. if its new (still available on the hornby website) your talking £290-£335. hope this helps

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Q: How much is the hornby train set 00125 intercity worth as a complete set?
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It is - 225 relates to the kmh of the top speed. In the UK, the Intercity 125 is more commonly known as an HST (High Speed Train).

How do you fit 2 controllers on hornby train set?

With a splitter.

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What corporation organized to provide intercity passenger train service in the us?


Where may an individual purchase a Hornby Train Set?

Hornby model train sets are available for purchase on the Hornby official website, under the category 'Shop'. They offer a wide range of model trains on their website, as well as a catalogue for the current new releases available for sale.

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The fare of a round trip on the Intercity train will depend on your location. If you are in China, then a trip from Guangzhou to Hong Kong will set you back around $190 Hong Kong dollars.

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How do you get the schedule of intercity train from Frankfurt to recklinghausen?

Look at the DB (German Railways) website.

What is the popular gauge of track on a hornby train set?

Hornby's most popular scale and the scale they stock the most and produce the most scenics for is OO gauge or 1.76.

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