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Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops makes 6,500,000/year

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Q: How much is the highest paid sports college coach paid?
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How much do a collegesoccer coach make per game?

How much a college soccer coach makes per game depends on the individual school sports team ranking. As of June 3, 2013, this ranges between $5,000 and $15,000.

Who is the highest paid NCAA Squash coach?

David Borg is the highest paid NCAA softball coach.

How much money a sports coach earns?

Teacher salary.

How much does a college track coach make?


How much would you get paid if you were a sports coach?

about 20 thousand dollars

How much does a college coach gets paid?

14 million

How much do college coaches make a year?

It really depends on the college and the coach's experience. If you have a coach that went to school for two years, and he went to a well known college he would have a fair paycheck every 2 weeks or month. It just depends on your education and where you work. Hope I helped

How much money does a college football quarterback coach make?


What is the Salary of a coach?

depends on how many years he been there and what college it is but bigger universities around 900k a yr or more depending on the sport not that much to multi million dollar contracts

Popularity of High School and College Sports?

The popular High School and College Sports are Rugby,Football and Hockey. Not Soccer as much.

How much does a jr college basketball coach make?

5 million dollars

Who was the highest paid sports athlete in 2000 and how much did they earn?