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Q: How much is the champions league cup worth in pounds?
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How much is in champions league this year?

I50 million pounds

How much is the champions league worth?

The winners of english premier league gets €16 million

How much is does uefa champions league worth 2012?

1 billion dollars

How much champions league worth?

42 Logic = Stupid Question = Stupid Answer

How much money do eufa champions league winners get?

Barcelona this years champion league winner got 110 million pounds.

How much was rewarded to Chelsea after they won 2012 uefa champions league finals?

900 million pounds

How much is an Manchester united 1999 champions league final program worth?

Max £25 on

How much is a 1962 san francisco giants first national league champions pennant worth?


How much is the 2011 uefa champions league prize?

The 2011 winner got 110 million pounds and the looser got 64 million pounds.

How much did Chelsea fc made from last years champions league?

Chelsea made 148milion pounds last season

How much money do uefa champions league winner get?

This year the champion won 110 million pounds. The looser got 63 million pounds.

How much do you get for winning a game in the champions league?

you get 340k for winning a champions league group stage game