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In terms of money? Priceless.

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Q: How much is the Stanley cup?
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How much does the Stanley Cup weigh?

The Stanley Cup weighs 34.5 lbs.

How much is the Stanley cup worth?

Value of the Stanley CupThe Stanley Cup is priceless.

How much did lord Stanley pay for the Stanley cup?

50 dollars

How much is a Stanley cup ring worth?

The stantly cup is priceless

Who is the donator of the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup was donated by Lord Stanley

How much did the Stanley cup cost?

When Lord Stanley bought it it 1st costed $48.33

Which is older grey cup or the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup Is Older.

Do the words Stanley cup appear on the Stanley cup?


How much does the Stanley Cup trophy cost?


How much is Stanley cup 2009 worth?


How much do you get if you win the Stanley cup?

The keys to Canada.

How much does the keeper of the Stanley cup get paid?


How much does hosting the Stanley cup cost?

you don't have to pay, they pay you, because the only people that get to "host" the Stanley cup are the NHL players that have won it.. ;)

When was Stanley Cup created?

Stanley Cup was created in 1893.

What are 3 nicknames for the Stanley cup?

Here's four: The Cup, Lord Stanley's Cup, The Holy Grail, or Lord Stanley's Mug.

How much room is left on the Stanley cup?

Just enough..

How much per player for Stanley cup finale?

I have no clue

How much is they Stanley cup trophy?

something you cant own

What teams have never won the lord Stanley cup?

in stanley cup.

Did Jordan tootoo win the Stanley cup?

No, he did not win the Stanley Cup.

Who was the founder of the Stanley Cup?

The founder of the Stanley Cup was Lord Stanley who was at the time was the Govener General of Canada

Why is the Stanley cup important to Canada?

Canadian Governor General Stanley donated the Stanley cup the nhl

Who won the 2005 Stanley cup?

There was no Stanley Cup Champion for 2005 due to the lockout. 2005 marks only the second year for which there was no Stanley Cup Champion since Lord Stanley donated the Cup. The first was in 1919 when the Stanley Cup Final was cancelled due to the Spanish Flu epidemic.

How long does a player keep the Stanley Cup?

Each member of the winning Stanley Cup team gets to spend 24 hours with the Stanley Cup.

Are the Stanley cup and Stanley park both named after the same person?

Yes, the Stanley Cup was named after Fredrick Stanley (Lord Stanley of Preston). He bought the cup, and the (1,000 acre) Stanley Park in Canada, is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada.