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The value of something is always dependent on the condition in which it is in. The September 16, 1974 Sports illustrated with OJ Simpson on the cover is listed for $10.

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Q: How much is the September 161974 Sports Illustrated with OJ Simpson on the cover worth?
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Who was the first African American on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

The first African-American on the cover of Sports Illustrated was Calvin Jones - September 27, 1954.

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Ask not what you can draw for Sports Illustrated, but what Sports Illustrated can draw for you.

Who was the first black female to be on sports illustrated?

Althea Gibson, September 2nd, 1957.

What is the value of a 1973 Sports Illustrated magazine with OJ Simpson on the cover?

October 29, 1964 OJ Simpson Sports IllustratedThe October 29, 1964 issue of Sports Illustrated featuring O.J. Simpson on the cover is worth about $5.00 - $10.00 in Excellent - Near Mint condition. Common flaws would be staining, foxing (yellowing), fading, stains, creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, writing on the cover, and mailing labels. Any of these flaws could bring the value down significantly.

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Sports Illustrated was created in 1954.

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Is there a sports illustrated magazine for teens?

Not for teens, but there is Sports Illustrated for Kids.

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When was Sports Illustrated Kids created?

Sports Illustrated Kids was created in 1989.

When did CNN Sports Illustrated end?

CNN Sports Illustrated ended in 2002.

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CNN Sports Illustrated was created in 1996.

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Sports Illustrated for Women was created in 1999.

What 5 people have been on the cover of Life Time and sports illustrated magazines?

Ali, Jordan, OJ Simpson, Joe Namath, Mark Spitz

How much are old sports illustrated worth?

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Where do you get sports illustrated magazines from?

you can get sports illustrated magazines online or at barnes and nobles or books a million.

When was Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue created?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was created in 1964.

What is the value of Sports Illustrated 1st edition?

What is the value of Sports Illustrated 1 edition Magazine

What are some of the sports covered on SI Sports?

There are many sports featured and covered in the magazine Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated magazine covers soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, and football.

How much is a february 1974 sports illustrated worth?

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What is the Sports Illustrated curse?

The Sports Illustrated curse is when a team get featured on the front page of Sports Illustrated they always lose the next game. It has happened to many football teams including the Kansas State Wildcats.

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When was sports illustrated founded?

The magazine was launched by a man named Henry Luce. The first issue of sports illustrated was in 1954.

When was Sports Illustrated first published?

The first issue of the Sports Illustrated magazine, as it is known today, was published circa August 16, 1954. Previous incarnations of Sports Illustrated were originally published in 1936 and 1949, but they did not attract an audience.