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The Legendary Mickey Mantle collectors plate by artist Robert Tanenbaum was issued by the Hamilton Collection in Association with Sports Impressions around 1991/92.

The Hamilton Collection Mickey Mantle plates typically sell below their issued price. Commonly found on ebay, regardless of the year of issue they generally sell for about $10.-$15. They often sell for as low as $5.00, and occasional hit the $20. mark.

In a recent auction a (Dec. 2008) a 7" Legendary Mickey Mantle collectors plate from the best Baseball collection issued by the Hamilton collection, Limited to 28 firing days sold for $9.90.

Hamilton collection, collectors plates are typically limited to 28 firing days. Limited edition is A term often used by manufacturers of collectibles to indicate scarcity. A limited edition means just that - production of the item in question will be limited to a certain number. However, that number may be large or small, and is relevant to the amount of collectors interested in it. The value of a limited edition item is high only if the number made is less than the number of collectors that desire the item. If the Limited amount made is more than the amount of collectors interested, the value will go down. If the piece reads Limited to a certain amount of "Firing Days" This means that the product will be produced for that amount of time while orders are being taken. There is no set number and the "Limited Edition" can be over produced. More Items than collectors means less value. Often theses plate will have a resale value of less than the issued price. For more information on Mickey Mantle Hamilton Collection plates or from the Bradford Exchange visit the link below.

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Q: How much is the Legendary Mickey Mantle collection plate worth?
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