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Q: How much is the 1989 Oscar myer barry sanders played for lions card?
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What teames did Barry Sanders play for?

Barry Sanders was drafted in 1989 by the Detroit Lions and announced his retirement in 1999.

Who does barry sanders play for?

Barry Sanders played for the Detroit Lions. He retired back in July of 1999.

You Walter Payton and barry sanders running backs?

yes Walter Payton played for the bears Barry sanders played for lions.

What is barry sanders nickname?

Barry Sanders nickname when he was in the pro's playing for the Detroit Lions was "The big bad barry"

What are Barry Sanders kids names?

Barry Sanders is an American athlete who played for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League. He has four children, Barry, Nicholas, Nigel and Noah.

Who is the best running back the Lions had?

Barry sanders

Who is the greatest halfback the Lions ever had?

Barry Sanders.

What did Barry Sanders overcome?

the retire of the Detroit Lions

When did Barry Sanders join the Detroit Lions?

The Detroit Lions chose Sanders in their 1st round pick in the 1989 draft.

What happened to Barry Sanders?

Barry Sanders retired in 1998 while still in his prime. He was tired of the constant losing ways of the Detroit Lions.

When did Barry Sanders officially sign with the Detroit Lions?

It was in 1989.

When did Barry Sanders officially sign with the lions?

Tampa florida