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1980 Los Angels Dodgers regular season ticket

A 1980 Los Angels Dodgers regular season ticket is worth about $5.-$8. in excellent -near/mint condition. Condition is important. Rips, crease, stains and fading could bring the price down significantly. With ticket stubs if the stub was not torn cleanly it will effect the price as will if the stub was stapled to a program (holes) which is a common practice.

Ticket stubs from Baseball games that feature special events or player milestones are highly sought after by collectors, and will sell at a premium. Special events such as opening day, inaugural games, last game at a Stadium, play-offs, World Series, etc. Player milestones can include 500 home runs, 300 win, or any record breaking event.

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Q: How much is the 1980 dodgers ticket stub worth?
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In 1983 The Los Angeles Dodger made it to the play-offs but lost to the Philadelphia Phillies, and did not make it to the World Series. The Ticket you have is called a "Phantom Ticket" A Phantom Ticket is a ticket is a ticket produced in anticipation of a team making the playoffs, or World Series But not used when the team failed to make it. Phantom Tickets or Phantom Press pins are the most popular among collectors. A 1983 Los Angeles Dodgers Phantom Ticket is worth about $10.-$15.

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